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The best WYSIWYG website builders in 2020

Have you been encountering with such a notion as ‘WYSIWYG’? Incomprehensible, at first glance, abbreviation means ‘What You See Is What You Get’ and actually denotes the way of working in a visual website builder of not only sites-making but also in any other tool, which has such an approach in the heart of functionality while creating some interface. You build something in software using a mouse and keyboard and you instantaneously see how it will look like as a finished product – and it is the same as it currently is visible on your screen. Unlike coding, where all a coder sees are just lines of code in a working shell but not a finished user interface, WYSIWYG software allows users to operate with visual elements of the interface, adding and changing them to own needs in a simple manner, using mostly the mouse, which is far faster and more productive than operating with a code. This is the main reason why WYSIWYG site makers are so widespread today. 

Another obvious reason is that they do not stipulate a user to have any specific knowledge (coding, web design, hosting a site, and a ton of other issues). Anyone can work in WYSIWYG site makers, even a person without any technical background and purely humanitarian. So, it is possible to say that the emergence and the rise of WYSIWYG site makers have made thousands of coders jobless. It says about their high efficacy as tools, as the effective replacement of an entire job function with something automated or semi-automated is the real measurement of the efficiency and expediency of something. That’s why we are considering these tools today in our article, completely acknowledging their forcefulness in solving real-life tasks.


Introduction to the world of WYSIWYG website builders

There have been created a lot of site makers based WYSIWYG approach. To realize WYSIWYG, they are based on one major principle – a WYSIWYG web builder with drag-and-drop function, which allows not only visually build an interface but to do it in the fastest possible way. When a user wants to add something to the page, he or she just captures the element from the working area, and drags it into the area of a webpage, then releasing on the place where it is needed. Using the mouse as well, it is possible to alter the items of pages easily. All HTML, CSS, PHP, or JS codes that are needed to make pages work are generated automatically by programs and you may touch the code not even once during many years of interaction with a tool – that’s a huge plus.

Another strong point is that WYSIWYG site makers offer a huge number of pre-created templates, based on which a user can make a site within a little time or no time at all – just type in own personalized data and make the template become a live site with a user’s address. This can take minutes and does not push a user to create everything from a blank page.

So today, anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can make own site within hours of time, which was completely unreachable in the 20th century. Certainly, deep adjustments require more work and sometimes push to get into the code manually – but just to get something much more unique than templates offer (although, some high-class paid templates are so functional and good that can largely excel most expectations of users-beginners).


Choosing the best WYSIWYG platform – what a user shall look for?

Below, we have composed a list of 9 nice-to-try WYSIWYG site makers so to make your searches effective and to largely save your time:

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Squarespace
  4. Shopify
  5. Strikingly
  6. BigCommerce
  7. IM Creator
  8. Jimdo
  9. uKit


Review of Wix site maker 

This WYSIWYG website builder is used by millions of people and companies all over the world to make and run sites. The functionality of its interface coupled with pretty low prices are often the first point of the choice of users. The number of templates is impressive and you can get used to this tool by applying a free-of-charge running period. If you want to, you can start making a site from a blank page but themes are a huge time saver. 


The advancements of WYSIWYG site maker Wix:

  1. Modify any selected template with ease and in an interface that is highly packed with functionality.

  2. The large variety of add-ons, forms, and apps are waiting for you in a tool, especially, in its own app store, which embraces free and paid pieces.

  3. Add (but not edit) HTML code (like, for instance, to integrate with something).

  4. Drag-and-drop works wonderfully and comprehensively.

  5. Some creative freedom is present.

  6. Photo enhancement, cutting, and editing tools are embedded.


The shortcomings of WYSIWYG website builder Wix:

  1. There are top-rated templates that are not used for free – this can be a one-time purchase or a monthly payment (in addition to the monthly payment for using Wix’s package itself).

  2. Templates are created by different people and so they may not normally work across all devices and screen resolutions, as well as to have errors.

  3. Wix does not provide site visitor stats, so connect Google Analytics to do the job.

  4. It is impossible to change a theme not losing entirely all information and customization of the previous template.


The cost of WYSIWYG website builder Wix:

There is a possibility to connect your domain bought elsewhere for $4.50 a month (but this plan will display ads). For $8.50 a month, there will be better bandwidth and storage, and a possibility to obtain a free domain for 12 months. For $12.50 and $24.50, you receive an unlimited bandwidth and 10-20 Gb storage, some nice money for advertising and promotion of your site, and some priority features. 

If you’re interested in e-commerce, then you can buy from three business plans called ‘Basic’, ‘Unlimited’, and ‘VIP’ for 17, 25, and 35 dollars a month accordingly.


Review of Weebly WYSIWYG website builder 

If you’re planning to have a neat site with a lot of embedded functionality and want to make it easy (even somewhat easier than in Wix), then your choice is Weebly – it is cool, has a great number of tools and offers wonderful options for businesses and private persons. 


The advancements of WYSIWYG website builder Weebly:

  1. It is possible to download the entire content of the site so you can easily migrate amongst the hosts (for instance, to an open-source website builder WYSIWYG like Wordpress.org) or to work on the pages in an offline mode.

  2. You can run this tool for free for as long as you can.

  3. The app center saves you a lot of time to search ones elsewhere and allows not worrying about the smoothness of integration. 

  4. Many nice templates.

  5. Every template is free of charge and mobile optimized.


The shortcomings of WYSIWYG website builder Weebly:

  1. Weebly, the same as Shopify, does not work in some territories, for instance, that fall under the action of international sanctions, or where its creators do not allow access based on their own considerations. 

  2. Auto-saving of changes makes it not cool when you don’t want your every edit to be saved and want to have a number of actions to be canceled easily (especially if you’re doing some mistake that you want to undo but can’t due to autosave). The undo button isn’t possible at all, which is heftily inconvenient. 

  3. If the image is reused at many locations on different pages, it is necessary to re-upload it each time you are reusing it – this does not lead to economy of traffic, loads your PC’s cache with garbage, and makes some cookies meaningless. 


The cost of WYSIWYG web editor Weebly:

Wanting to start a free usage, as in any other case with a free run, be prepared for known limitations. In the case of Weebly, it means you’ll have 500 Gb storage, SSL, SEO, and some support features. The next, paid, plan for €5 a month will allow you to have own custom free domain – if paid for 1 year in a go (with the same limits as in the free run). The option for €10 a month is going to significantly improve the basics of the subscription, while €20 is going to add to this an online store. Adding 10 Euros a month more, you get the possibility to send automated letters to the users who abandoned their carts in an online shop.


Review of Squarespace WYSIWYG website builder 

Squarespace is more about functionality and the absence of limitations than about the ease of working in the tool. It won’t allow users to open up widely in oeuvre but gives in return many remarkable features that account over 30 of them in the coolest plan. 


The advancements of best WYSIWYG web builder Squarespace:

  1. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and a free custom domain in every plan, without the shows of commercials of the best WYSIWYG site maker on the pages of sites (which is actually quite rarely met on the market). Along with the mentioned, every plan also gives SSL, many free templates, more than 1 possible contributor to the site (with own login and password), SEO, mobile optimization, great customer support, and web metrics. Going further on with costlier subscription packages, the user gets more and more features.

  2. Work with Stripe and Apple Pay (which combined give a plethora of payment channels, including cards of banks).

  3. It is not restricted to use more than 1 theme for 1 site.

  4. Edit HTML on your own.

  5. The basis of the WYSIWYG is Adobe Image Editor. 

  6. You can save up to a quarter of a price paying for a year.


The shortcomings of best WYSIWYG website builder Squarespace:

  1. Relatively expensive compared to other online tools.

  2. A user has to pay taxes and charges, which are applied extra to the indicated pricing of every subscription plan. 

  3. There is no free run.

  4. Transaction fees of 3% when opting for ‘Business’ subscription (eliminated in e-commerce plans).

  5. No custom free domain if paid month-to-month in any subscription plan.


The cost of WYSIWYG website builder Squarespace:

  • For $12 a month (paid annually or 16 if paid monthly) get 8 functions, including SEO, any bandwidth and storage

  • For $18 (annually or 26 if paid monthly) receive 17 functions

  • For $26 a month (paid annually or 30 if paid monthly) get 24 functions

  • For $40 (annually or 46 if paid monthly) receive all 31 functions.


Review of Shopify WYSIWYG website builder 

It is restricted to only 1 type of sites it can do – e-commerce. Being not good at all for other types of sites, it is mesmerizingly powerful for online stores, offering any functionality one may need. Work easily and effectively with thousands of varying pieces of merchandise, have sophisticated many-level discounts, manage shipment and taxation, give different calculators to your users, and create tens of varieties of one merchandise within a few touches only – these denote far not the full list of abilities the tool allows doing. Everyone can easily set up and run the store in Shopify thanks to its excellent power.


The advancements of WYSIWYG website builder Shopify: 

  1. Remarkably powerful for e-stores with hundreds of bespoke features. You can create your tailored features and immediately apply them to your store.

  2. Relatively not expensive for such a set of tools.

  3. A huge app store with paid and free apps.

  4. Great support.

  5. Have and sell as many products as you want, without any restrictions.


The shortcomings of WYSIWYG website builder Shopify:

  1. Payment fees are present and they are rather high.

  2. No free run version.

  3. HTML is not accessed in all plans (you might need some advanced plans to enter it).


The cost of WYSIWYG website builder Shopify:

The basic starts for 29 American dollars a month, which suits pretty much nearly every owner of a shop. For $79 a month, receive tremendous power of an online store with nearly every possibility. But if you really do need more – opt for 299 dollars a month (but that’s not going to boost your advancement as greatly as the transition between 29 and 79-dollar plans).

Another small plan is $9 a month, which will not allow having a separated site with a store but will allow selling through social media.

In addition to already predefined plans, there is one more – for large trade corporations, which may be exclusively tailored for them based on a personal request.

Paying for a year, receive up to -10% off the monthly price.


Review of Strikingly WYSIWYG website builder 

A great choice if you’re not aimed at many personification powers. It is possible to set up quickly and easily but not possible to create many pages of your products. Also, everything should be managed manually when it comes to pages’ change. 


The advancements of WYSIWYG website builder Strikingly:

  1. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript may be added and changed.

  2. 24/7 support with really helping managers. 

  3. Integration power.


The shortcomings of WYSIWYG website builder Strikingly:

  1. That’s not a regular WYSIWYG site maker, where you can alter the positioning of elements across the page freely. Instead, you receive a template split into several building blocks, and each block embraces a number of elements contained only in it. It may be convenient to some users as it rigidly predefines the page structure but it definitely does not allow making a really custom page with the structure as one may need.

  2. You can’t do pretty much anything when you’re not having a pro account.

  3. Branding of Strikingly is present in nearly any pricing plan.

  4. The website mainly relies on PayPal, which works with limits in a number of countries.

  5. That’s not easy to create pages, as you have to constantly switch between views. So it’s actually one of worst site makers when we’re speaking ONLY about WYSIWYG.


The cost of WYSIWYG website builder Strikingly:

Based on the length of subscription, you are offered 5 types of pricing: 

  • for 1 month

  • for 1 year

  • for 2 years

  • for 36 months

  • for 5 years.

You can run a free subscription endlessly. Then, ‘Limited’ starts, from 7 bucks a month to 12. ‘Pro’ is from $11.20 to $20. ‘VIP’ is from $34.40 to $49 a month. 

You also are pushed to pay for a custom mail (if you want to and can’t register one in a Gmail with a name looking like the name of your website) for $25 a year – that’s kinda big cost.


Review of BigCommerce website builder 

BigCommerce is from specific industries – like Shopify, it offers only to build web stores. It is so similar to Shopify, actually, that it can be named its full clone – in functionality and pricing. However, due to the existence of some discrepancies, we will focus on them.


The advancements of website builder BigCommerce:

  1. It is possible to build a fully functional web store with many features just like in Shopify, so not to list them all again.

  2. No fees for transactions (except for Braintree-powered PayPal payments that are designed for credit cards. If applied, then they are from 2.2% + $0.3 for each transaction to 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction).

  3. Custom pricing to suit your needs.


The shortcomings of website builder BigCommerce:

  1. Limits in annual sales – from 50 to 400 thousand dollars a year. Want to withdraw this limitation? Then opt for a custom-tailored offer just for you, for some custom money (take into account that it can be thousands of dollars a month).


The cost of website builder BigCommerce:

$29.95, $79.95, and $249.95 for a month + a custom pricing to suit your demands.


Review of IM Creator website builder 

The drag-and-drop of this WYSIWYG website editor allows to simply create a website. But a large chunk of users will not be satisfied with the looks of this website the tool gives – instead of a multiple-page website, you get just a long 1-page with all individual information split into blocks of 1 page. Like the landing only without its high conversion goals. If you belong to the biggest part of the Internet users, who hate landing pages because of their tremendous sales enforcement and lack of normal communication with visitors, you are going to hate the idea of IM Creator because, instead of jumping to a dedicated page with some information relevant for this page only, you are pushed to a part of the landing containing this information. It is terrible in terms of analysis of visitor’s goals and interests, as well as main points of touch to your website by them and distorted analytics as everything is gathered in one place (in addition to hatred of users). If you want to make multiple pages – as a normal website would have – pay extra. Not a good solution, in fact. 


The advancements of website builder IM Creator:

  1. Impossible to create many-page websites unless you pay for a costly plan.

  2. There is a free version.


The shortcomings of website builder IM Creator:

  1. Creates 1-page websites.

  2. Annoying design, which does not cover the needs of most users.

  3. Distorted SEO.


The cost of website builder IM Creator:

  1. Free plan.

  2. The premium for 5.95… 9.95 American dollars a month, depending for how long you pay.

  3. White Label – for $350 a year if you really want to pay 1 dollar for 1 day of its usage.


Review of Jimdo website builder 

It’s just one of regular free WYSIWYG web builders, which does not differ pretty much in anything from the host of others. It has fewer types of templates and the number of them. 


The advancements of website builder Jimdo:

  1. It is easy to create simple websites (but nearly impossible to create a hard one) through a convenient drag-and-drop creator.

  2. Every needed basic thing is included – great for beginners in the area of website creating.


The shortcomings of website builder Jimdo:

  1. Not awesome themes – a large part of them looks like 15-years old, outdated.

  2. Pricing is not immediately delivered in dollars on the pricing page, you have to make calculations.

  3. If to consider its power vs money paid, this WYSIWYG web design tool is standing below the market’s average.


The cost of website builder Jimdo:

A free plan comes first. Then $4.22 a month for a starting pack. $7.32 a month for a possibility to connect SEO, receive personalized support and see visitor stats. For $9.26, receive an online store with some amount of products to sell. And for $18.95, receive, finally, any storage and bandwidth, better support, and better templates. 


Review of uKit website builder 

The WYSIWYG site maker uKit is formerly known as uCoz and originates from Russia. To conquer the market, it uses the policy of complete excellence of a product and lowest possible prices, creating the best ratio of the customer value on the market. 


The advancements of website builder uKit:

  1. Great-looking templates with ease of customization.

  2. Powerful for any kind of websites.

  3. Low pricing with great discounts when paid for long terms.

  4. User-friendly help center.

  5. Any number of storage, bandwidth, free SSL, and proficient templates in every plan.

  6. No commercials of the tool are shown in all plans.

  7. Openly enter HTML and PHP.


The shortcomings of website builder uKit:

  1. The main focus of help pages is Russian, not even English, and it requires to switch manually into the language you need. The knowledge base is in Russian and English only though WYSIWYG site maker supports tens of languages to create your pages in.

  2. There is no free run option.


The cost of website builder uKit:

There are 5 types of payment rates – considering what package are you in:

  • 1 month will do the pricing equal to 5, 10, 12, and 15 dollars a month

  • 3 months give -5% discount

  • 6 months make it 4.50, 9, 10.80, and 13.33 dollars a month

  • 12 months give -20% discount

  • and, finally, 2 years allow you to save 30% of the price, resulting in 3.50, 7, 8.40, and 10.50 dollars a month.


As a conclusion

Today, WYSIWYG site makers offer fabulously great functionality in starting and running an own website of any direction – from a catalog to business portal, from a personal to e-store, from Wiki-like to info exchange stock. If not too hard tasks are set in front of a builder, there are nearly endless capabilities to implement them, allowing literally everyone to have an online presence. That’s what you are going to receive with WYSIWYG web builder and it’ll make it easy and hassle-free.

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