Wix Website Builder Review 2020

What is Wix?

Wix is ​​best suited for creating various kinds of business cards, that are complex from a design and functional point of view: a portfolio, a business site, a promotional page or a landing page. It is also very easy to create successful blogs.  eCommerce component is also developed.

When we are talking about Wixsite, it’s impossible not to review the following three factors:

  • Sites with a small number of pages, since the design of each needs to be formed manually. Blogs, forums, storefronts and other dynamically expanding types of pages do not complicate the work on the site;
  • The need for deep and fine tuning of the design, as well as the input of a large number of small functional elements.
  • The Wix application store contains a rich assortment of additional functionality (in fact, modules, if we take it by analogy with other systems). Several categories of useful applications (more than 250 items in total) will help to achieve practically any reasonable goal.

Wix is ideal for creating small and medium-sized sites with complex design and functionality. Wix website creator is simple and superficial. It works like this: you take an already ready-made template, replace demo content, correct colors, and then you get a website. With the same success, it can be used to construct arbitrarily complex pages with a bunch of details: animations, effects, forms for collecting and packaging information in databases, interactive elements, pop-up windows of authorizations at different stages of access to information, all sorts of polls, tabs, columns and other stuff.

Wix can be used both for creating the first site or as a training ground, and as a commercial tool - developing complex and beautiful client sites. This is a great website builder and a good tool to help an experienced designer. The system is built in such a way that allows you to easily increase design capabilities. You can even create your own design. Wix is easily understandable for an average PC user.

Who is Wix the Most Suitable for?

  • Small and medium business entrepreneurs;
  • Artists;
  • Designers;
  • Makeup artists;
  • Musicians;
  • Stylists;
  • Writers;
  • Journalists;
  • Bloggers;
  • Fashion Designer;
  • All whose activities are related to creativity and self-realization.

The service is capable of inspiring with its appearance, helping to implement cunning ideas from a technical and / or design point of view. It’s a great website builder with extensive additional features for scaling the functionality in breadth and depth.

You can learn Vix in two days, and it would probably take you no more than 30 minutes to study it in a fluent mode. This is candidate # 1 when it comes down to WYSIWYG services.

How Much Does Wix Cost?

Wix can be used for free indefinitely for those who are satisfied with the site on a subdomain of the form: uguide.wixsite.com/sitename. Most of the website’s functions will be available. You can connect your domain and get richer functionality after paying for one of the following tariff plans:

  • Connect Domain ($5 / month)  - allows you to connect your domain, get premium technical support and gives 500 MB of disk space, but does not remove Wix ads;

  • Combo ($ 11 / month)- 3 GB of space, free domain, ad removal, favicon;

  • Unlimited ($ 14/ month) - increase in disk space up to 10 GB, form builder, Site Booster app;

  • VIP- all of your support tickets/calls will be answered right away. You will also get to you Wix’s Shoutout software, that lets you send ten email campaigns to up to 50,000 email addresses every month;

If you are going to create an online store, you should about using one of the business tariffs. All of them support integration with payment systems and do not take commissions from your sales:

  • Business Basic will be a good option for small stores: 20 GB of disk space and $ 300 promotional Wix coupons included;

  • Business Unlimited rate will give you 35 GB of disk space and the ability to run 20 email campaigns and send up to 100,000 emails per month;

  • Business VIP is the most expensive plan, but it’s totally worth it. With its help you will be able to get 50 GB of disk space and 30 video hours. You can also take advantage of VIP-support.

The ability to conduct email campaigns is necessary for an ambitious Internet business seeking to reach its target audience and increase sales. Larger online stores need to maximally avoid downtime associated with the inaccessibility of the site, and therefore priority technical support is a big plus. All of the tariffs provide a free domain for a year, as well as  14-day money back guarantee.

Note that the older tariff plans include all the advantages of the younger ones plus add something new. The first fare may be interesting for those who want to create a business card site or a landing page on their domain. Small and simple site with a moderate amount of media content. Combo is suitable for the same purposes, but on a large scale - you can make a Wix portfolio with a lot of photos, start a blog or create a website of some organization.

Unlimited should be chosen when you plan to download a lot of content and you expect a dense influx of traffic in the future. These are blogs with a forum, corporate sites and other projects of similar complexity. eCommerce for those who want to trade. The most interesting thing is the possibility of selling digital goods.

Wix Pros and Cons


  • You don't have to be an IT specialist to create a website;

  • The Page Layout Optimizer feature allows you to quickly optimize mobile design;

  • You can work on SEO elements of your website using the SEO Wizard and related applications;

  • Adding a blog and other features is very simple;

  • You can add your own JavaScript scripts to your site and use the Wix API by using the Wix Code;

  • Frequent updates. New chips like, ADI, an integrated graphical editor, they also added 360-degree images and blue digits, co-authors for the site and many other things. With that being said, Wix is a trendsetter in the world of website builders with a visual editor;

  • Application store. A large assortment of really useful things, made in the same style of the interface with the designer. Applications are perceived as native, but temporarily not connected modules of the site. With their help, you can solve many important and specific tasks and do it easily;

  • Cool interface. This is manifested everywhere - in the ergonomics and atmosphere of the editor, all sorts of menus, options, control panel format, the transparency of individual elements, their size and so on. It feels very nice to you use the website;

  • Profitability. The Wix cost of tariffs is comparable to more or less worthy Wix competitors. Somewhere a bit more expensive, somewhere cheaper. Nevertheless, Wix website builder constantly gives huge discounts. You can read more about them later in our review.


  • Some templates (for online stores, as a rule) and applications available only for a fee

  • To optimize the mobile version, you need to modify the mobile template.

  • You cannot change the CSS code of templates;

  • Not intuitive. A lot of settings, applications, editor features, design freedom.  All of this is harder to use than you would like. Especially at first. The interface helps the user in every way, however, it takes time to get used to it and master the scenarios of using the capabilities of Wix website maker.

  • There is no import of goods. The developers still have not yet added the ability to load products into the store from CSV, so that the section of physical goods is filled from a table file;

  • There are restrictions. The two cheapest tariff plans limit the bandwidth of the channel. That is, with a large number of media files on pages and an average influx of visitors, the site will start to noticeably lag, pages may begin to refuse to load;

  • Another disadvantage of Wix is the lack of support via online chat. Given the level of reference documentation and the popularity of this site builder, the lack of online chat is really disappointing They should review that in the future.

Wix Ratings




Ease of use


Ease of use is one of the advantages of Wix. When it comes to customizing your site, here you will be able to quickly and easily master the interface (compared to most other website builders). Managing your account, sites and domains is also quite simple.

Choice and flexibility of design (templates)


A huge selection of various Wix designer templates means you’ll have more options for creating your own website. The choice of styles is surprisingly large. The Wix application store will also give you access to completely new features and functionality.


Depending on what tariff you use.  The free version of the site as well as the cheapest tariff( Connect Domain) do have advertisement ads. Other tariffs don’t.



The editor supports 16 languages, which is pretty good. You also have the option to create multilingual sites, even though it’s not the best option if you want to create a large site.




Your own domain name (e.g. .com or .net)


Tariffs starting from “Combo” provide a free domain name for a year. Wix supports all of the popular domain endings, such as: com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .rocks, .pictures, .club, .space, .shop, .store, .online, .co. uk, .xyz, and .de.

Depth of navigation


Two levels at maximum, which isn’t enough for larger websites. The editor tends to work slowly if you load in a lot of pages.

Widgets (small tools to add extra functionality)


The platform has a huge set of widgets for implementing various functions, and also allows you to additionally install applications from AppMarket. Their range is huge - for marketing, working with SEO, customizing Wix website design, working with clients and others. All of the apps are safe.



If you already have your own website, you can place ads on it on Wix. All users who follow the link and pay get a Premium account will earn you a reward (up to $ 80 from each sale). To earn from a referral program, you must submit an application and wait for its approval.



For the creation of trading platforms, eCommerce is provided for $ 199 / yr.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


A few years ago, Wix was considered one of the worst editors in terms of SEO, but everything has changed, and now this platform is among the best in terms of SEO. You don’t have to become an SEO expert for your website to take first place in search results, because Wix will do most of the work for you. The Wix “SEO Wiz” feature will provide step-by-step instructions on how to improve the search engine optimization of your site and rank higher in Google.



From here you can add new and edit existing posts. When creating a material, you can select a category, type of CNC link, fill in meta tags and add photos / videos. By the way, the formatting options appear after the selection of the text, because they are hidden by default. You can choose the option to feed your blog - in a column, tiles, cards. You will also see links to related applications for quick installation (Wix Events, Forum, Instagram Feed, etc.).

Visitor statistics


You can easily view visitor statistics by using Google Analytics.

Contact form


Standard contact form.

Password protection


You can count on 100% security in this regard. In addition, you can also set an individual password for each page.

Newsletter tool


Wix has its own newsletter service named “ShoutOut”.

Add HTML code


Wix is a multipurpose machine for creating various sites. Thanks to high-quality applications and a flexible editor, the functional framework is very broad, and given the potential of the Wix Code, they almost disappear. You can use both HTML and JavaScript.

Storage space

50 GB

It all depends from the Wix pricing plan. The maximum you can get is 50 GB of disk space.

Backups & Restore


It only takes one click to restore any previous version of the site with the help of Site History.



No Chat

Yes Email

Yes Telephone

Wix provides excellent customer support. The main support tool is the online Help Center. There you can search for answers and browse the available menu categories. Answers to common questions are given in an accessible and convenient format. For example, a guide to adding and modifying an image gallery contains 6 simple and straightforward actions. In some cases, you will find even video tutorials.

If you need additional help, then you will find two options. First: send a ticket, and a Wix technical support person will respond to you shortly.

Second: you can ask them to call you back and talk to the Wix technical support.

Fun Factor


Wix does everything to help you feel yourself as creative as possible, providing you with great tools.

Overall Rating


Today, the platform is widely used by both experienced professionals and beginners. It is with the help of Wix that the World Wide Web has a huge number of successful online stores and corporate projects. This website builder is ideal for creating a business and its active development,

Wix Security and Speed

Speed is not the biggest advantage of Wix, because large sites take some time to load fully. Nonetheless, you still can’t call them slow, just average.

Security is what matters most for any users, and Wix can totally guarantee it. There are two important factors you need to review:

  • Users cannot edit the basic functions of the underlying software, so there are fewer security vulnerabilities.

  • These platforms are self-updating, so outdated software is not a problem.

Are Wix’s Templates Any Good?

Wix has one of the most extensive design template libraries in the industry, offering users a choice with over 500 customizable options to review. They are free, although some of the templates (mostly those of online stores) are available only to users with a membership.

The template library is divided into 16 categories, and each category has its own subcategories. It is worth mentioning some of them: music sites, video sites, event sites, blogs, portfolios, landings. If you need targeted templates, then it is quite possible that you will find the right option in the appropriate subcategory. For example, music site templates include Wix themes for bands, solo performers and DJs, as well as templates in a music style.

Selecting a template will take you to the Wix editor. This is a fully dynamic WYSIWYG editor with drag-and-drop support. You will get to see how all your actions and decisions influence the design of the site. In the menu on the left you will find settings for the menu, backgrounds, downloads, reservations, blogs, adding new items and applications.

When you add an item to the site, it will be placed directly on the page you were working on at the time. Then you can drag it wherever you want. To change the added items, click on them to open the menu. If you want additional features, click on the “Add Apps” menu to open the Wix App Market. There you will find many applications that will extend the functionality of your site. For example, you can add forms, showcases and payment processing to your site.

These templates allow you to maximize the use of potential multimedia content: you can add videos, high-quality photos and even video backgrounds.

Wix’s Apps and Extensions

Wix application store contains a rich assortment of additional functionality. Several categories of useful applications (more than 250 items in total) will help you achieve practically any reasonable goal.

Wix offers you 8 pre-installed applications by default. These include:

1. Wix Engage. This section is especially important for those who make business, communicate with customers, sell something. Here you will receive notifications about purchases and orders, personal messages from customers, and much more;

2. Marketing mailing (ShoutOut). Mailing list for your customers and visitors. There is an opportunity to make it simple and beautiful;

3. Domains and mail. Here you can connect your own domain to the site, as well as configure an email address for this domain;

4. Accounts. This section is necessary for those who want develop an online store based on Wix. There are two online payment options available - Stripe and PayPal. The first is relevant in the United States, the second almost worldwide. Invoice can be set up in one click. It is possible to add discounts for a specific client;

5. Contacts. Here you can import an existing address book. There is a separate section for customers of the online store and for ordinary users (they can register on your site if you add a form for this). People who have contacted you through the contact section, and newsletter subscribers are also highlighted.

6. Auto-link. You can configure all new site subscribers to receive a welcome letter with a guide to your resource, as well as do a lot of other stuff;

7. Site collaborators. A co-author can be an administrator (but only the owner will have the right to delete / transfer the site and access to the payment information), or the back office employee (cannot edit the site itself, but has access to the Wix Home admin area, store, mailings, applications).

8. SEO-master. Very helpful if you want the users to find your site with ease. It also allows you to understand how good your position is for a specific search query. Wwix

You can find additional applications on the AppMarket. They are sorted into sections - traffic, communications, finance, galleries, online shopping, marketing and so on. You can install apps in one click.

Customer Support

Every section of the editor contains tips on working with it. Hovering the cursor over the “i” circle will display a brief explanation and a link to the full version of the FAQ on the topic. Absolutely all options and widgets are provided with explanations. You can also contact customer support through ticketing.

Who Would Benefit the Most from Wix?

Just like we have already mentioned before in our review, Wix is ideal for creative niches - artists, photographers, makeup artists, musicians, event organizers, designers and others. It helps you start blogging, create your own business, and start selling online.

Wix Promo Codes

  • Get the premium Site Booster app to promote your site. The promotion is valid for one of the following tariffs: Unlimited, eCommerce, VIP. The premium app voucher will be available when you choose a 12-month subscription;

  • WIXDEAL- 50% discount on the 1st year of the annual combo;

  • Create a free website;

  • 50% discount on Unlimited and eCommerce tariffs;

  • Free domain if you have a Premium plan


Wix is ​​one of the best website builders, if not the best. It keeps updating, adding new tools, the assortment in AppMarket keeps expanding as well. Wix has a bunch of attractive templates, freedom of creativity, allowing you to change the layout beyond recognition, a rich choice of applications, thanks to which you can build at least a functional blog, even a small forum. It has made an interface in which it is convenient to work, despite the million functions. Wix has also gone beyond the limitations of the WYSIWYG editor by implementing the Wix Code. The result is always very attractive, and is achieved relatively simply.

20 Best Wix Websites Examples

  1. https://www.cutsandbruisesbarbershop.com/

  2. https://www.craftandbloom.com/

  3. https://www.thankgoditsmonday.co/arbiterftf

  4. https://www.andreamirandasalas.com/

  5. https://www.tobiasbecs.com/

  6. https://www.sevengramscaffe.com/

  7. https://www.churwalden.nl/

  8. https://www.doughnuttery.com/

  9. https://www.thepicklejar.co.nz/

  10. https://www.shortbreadnyc.com/

  11. https://www.beardtamer.ch/

  12. https://www.dcpuddin.com/

  13. https://www.studioballonrouge.fr/

  14. https://www.eat-live-sleep.com/

  15. https://www.furhythm.com/

  16. https://www.matchmediagroup.com/

  17. https://www.apollopeak.com/

  18. https://www.monetago.com/

  19. https://www.vagroup.com/

  20. https://www.goodfeelinggoods.com/

Wix Customer Reviews

  1. I never thought that I would be able to make a website by myself, but thanks to Wix I was able to make my dream come true;

  2. I really like the interface of the website. It actually makes my work a lot more enjoyable, because I like how it looks;

  3. Their app store is something. There are applications for any occasion;

  4. Me and my gf were choosing between Wix and Weebly and decided to give Wix a try. Looks like we’ve made the right choice;

  5. Even though I’m kind of disappointed there is no online Wix support, I still think they are amongst the best website builders.

Wix Alternatives

  • Shopify;

  • Weebly;

  • Jimdo;

  • Duda;

  • WordPress;

  • One.com;

  • BigCommerce;

  • GoCentral;

  • Squarespace;

  • IM Creator;

  • uKit;

  • uCoz

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change Wix template?

In order to change a template, click "Edit" and go to design mode. Management of design elements is carried out through the menu and using the mouse cursor. On the left are buttons that open access to editing:

  • Site structure - "Menu and pages";

  • Background - added photos, videos, images, materials from other resources;

  • Adding various elements, starting with a text frame, ending with promotional boxes, users, charts;

  • Installation of services: WIX Music, Bandsintown, Instagram Feed, which facilitate the work with information;

  • Downloads - import video, photos, fonts, audio, documents.

Navigate through the project pages, manage them using the menu at the top of the designer. The “Site” tab contains the functions of saving, publishing, connecting a domain, tariff plan.

Here you can see the history of the site, as well as increase the sharpness of images. In the Tools tab, rulers, borders are activated, elements are centered.

All editing is carried out directly on the site. To change the text or image just click on it. To move - drag the item with the mouse.

How to add google analytics to Wix?

Step 1. Get Google Analytics tracking code:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account;

  2. Click Admin: at the top of the page;

  3. Click Tracking Code in the Resource section;

  4. Click  Tracking Code  in the drop down menu;

  5. Copy the code in the Tracking ID field.

Step 2. Add Google analytics code:

  1. Go to the Integration tab;

  2. Select Google Analytics and click Next;

  3. In the upper right corner, click Connect Google Analytics;

  4. Enter your Google Analytics tracking code;

  5. Check the box Anonymity of IP addresses so that Google does not save the IP addresses of visitors to your site;

  6. Click Save.

How to get Wix Premium for free?

That’s impossible unless they will have such promotions in the future. You can take a look at some other promotions in our review.

How to change domain name on wix?

  • First of all, you will have to add the new domain to your account by either purchasing a domain from Wix, connection, or transferring it to Wix;

  • Click on the domain and tap the Change button;

  • Click on Assign;

  • Connect domain2.com and disconnect domain1.com;

  • Click Continue.

How often does Wix have sales?

They do have sales pretty often, because they actually care about customers and try to do everything to help them feel better.

How to make money with Wix?

There are a lot of ways to make money with Wix. We will review just a few:

  • Start blogging;

  • Start selling digital product;

  • Earn on advertising;

  • Affiliate Marketing;

  • Dropshipping

Wix Code

Wix Code allows you to do the customization of the site or web application as it sees fit.  Wix Code allows you to develop your own tools to manage the site, fine-tune its work, create dynamic content with an interactive component, design and use databases, analyze information received from the user, and actively use content from the WIX Market.

Key features of Wix Code:

  • Database collections. This is a powerful tool for collecting data about users, storage site content. Using the database it is possible to use the accumulated data anywhere on the site;

  • Dynamic pages. The key advantage of such pages in their lightning-fast speed, no matter how complex the site design is;

  • API support. Using the Wix API, the webmaster can connect third-party APIs that further extend the functionality of the site;

  • You can create custom design web forms. This is a powerful tool for conducting surveys, various quizzes and similar methods to attract and retain the user's attention.

Is Wix really as mobile-friendly?

Yes, you can do a lot of stuff on your mobile with Wix. In fact, you can change the colors, background, and edit some other stuff with your mobile Wix editor. You can also hide some of the content so it doesn’t disturb you from work. It is also worth mentioning that you can insert your phone number, so when one of the customers taps on it, he will automatically call you. It sure is a unique feature. Hopefully you liked our review. Be sure to give Wix a try.

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