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Weebly website builder

Weebly platform is a universal service for creating websites by people who do not have special skills in site building. This service has been operating since 2007 and offers users worldwide free and paid tariffs. To create websites on this service, different Weebly widgets are used, thanks to which the process of building a page in the visual editor is performed in a few clicks. Weebly is good because it offers a large number of functions and features for editing, but does not complicated by the complex administrative panel. The editor works on technology Drag-and-drop, the changes are displayed in real time, at any time user can use the preview function. It will take several hours to create an attractive website.

Weebly pricing

Each can create a website in the constructor for free, i.e. customize the design, create an unlimited number of pages and fill them with content. The volume of the site should not exceed 500 MB. But such sites are closed from being indexed by search engines, cannot be connected to their own domain, and their services are advertised on their pages. Naturally, they are deprived of all the tools for doing e-commerce.

Weebly pricing offers three paid tariffs with different functionalities:

Starter: connect a domain, remove third-party ads, access advanced statistics, configure the footer, place up to 10 products for an online store. The cost is $ 9 per month if paid for 6 months, $ 8 a month for a year, $ 5 for 2 years.

Pro: password protection of pages, site search function, installation of audio and video players, placement of up to 25 products for an online store. Weebly costs is $ 14 a month for 6 months, $ 12/month if to pay for a year, $ 9/month for 2 years.

Business: the ability to register users, SSL security, an unlimited number of products for the online store, the sale of digital goods, inventory management, setting up delivery methods, connecting stocks and discount coupons. The cost is $ 34/month for 6 months, $ 25/month for a year, $ 21/month for 2 years.

All tariff plans allow getting a domain name for the site for free or connect customers’ own domains, use an unlimited amount of disk space, edit HTML/CSS template codes. The unpleasant moment is the withdrawal of a transaction fee of 3% for Starter and Pro tariff plans.

Pros and Cons of Weebly


  • The platform is powerful in functionality and can be used for small and medium businesses.
  • Convenient control panel.
  • The ability to insert HTML-code in the body pages.
  • The process of editing the page is very simple and is available for quick understanding.
  • Availability of built-in application store.
  • Attractive templates for personal website, blog or store.
  • The ability to add your own design as a code, insert HTML-code into the body of the page.
  • Designer, sharpened by the creation of online stores with an integrated basket, secure payment, built-in filters and other useful things.

This service offers to manage the business from a mobile device through a special Weebly app that can be downloaded for free on the AppStore or Google Play. It is also worth noting that with all the advantages of paid tariff packages, the Weebly administration has left free users with enough tools and opportunities to fully create websites. Thus, this service can be called the “free website builder”.


  • Poor interface localization.
  • Limited selection of themes for the site.
  • The high cost of store tariffs and charging sales fees.

If the user wishes to register Weebly domain, .net, .org and .com zones are available, but the cost of this service will cost an annual payment of $ 40, which can hardly be called a favorable price offer.

Weebly Features

Along with a user-friendly interface, the excellent functionality of the website builder is one of Weebly's greatest strengths. A certain asceticism in the design of the site designer menu at first suggests an idea of ​​primitive functionality, however, after the very first clicks on the left editor toolbar, such thoughts disappear.

Convenient classification of tools into groups allows to quickly find the desired item for placement. Weebly allows users to place text labels, pictures, image galleries or even a ready-made slide show in the right place on their site in seconds. If necessary, it is possible to insert separators and ready-made buttons on the page, and using the media tools to easily add video and audio materials, a YouTube window or Flash elements. Additional functionality is available for creating a blog and an online store.

With an insufficient assortment of tools, the users get an ability to insert their HTML code in any place of the page, which allows implementing the most ambitious ideas. The presence of a mobile version for iOS and Android allows managing the created site from a mobile device.

Feature Set and Flexibility

Thanks to the flexibility of Weebly website builder, user can create various sites from portfolios to online stores.

Shop online. The designer has its own e-commerce engine, which is filled with various business functions: product management, product search filter, delivery options, digital and physical goods, coupon designer, as well as a mobile application for store management and gift cards.

Updating the system has led to the introduction of new tools to more flexibly display the window of new features for customizing the delivery and availability of order statistics. It also became possible to send automatic reminders to customers who have added products to their shopping cart, but have not yet made a payment. Bonus cards and automatic tax calculation are also available in the system.

Marketing. A new Promote tool for modern e-mail marketing has appeared. The tool automatically generates messages based on the activity of registered users. Distribution statistics can be tracked in the toolbar section.

User registration. More than three years ago, in July 2014, the creators launched the Membership Beta, and at the beginning of November 2014 its final version was officially released. Since this time, Weebly has been one of the few designers who offer the user management feature.

Blogging. A blog can be easily installed and configured. The system allows planning  posts, pre-select social networks in which user would like to share planned articles, choose between different comment systems, including Facebook and Disqus comments, each can also specify meta tags for individual posts, add headers and footers for each post and much more.

Site optimization. The designer offers a standard set of SEO tools. User can set unique URLs for pages, customize headings, descriptions and keywords. Customer can also hide a landing page from a search engine by simply clicking the hide button.

The system allows to easily collect and view information provided by visitors. Data is stored on the control panel and can be easily exported to a spreadsheet for later analysis. User can receive documents, images or other files from visitors.

Weebly collaborates with IFTTT, an intelligent web service that allows connecting various applications and products to easily create automated tasks and events. For example, user can connect the site and Instagram account, which will allow adding new posts while posting a photo to Instagram. In addition, client can use the already existing if-then function available in IFTTT, or create his own function.

Another offer from January 2017 is a new image editor. Now the editor works on HTML5 (while its previous version was on Flash). Weebly website includes features such as cropping, rotating and adjusting color, adding text to them and 29 filters to make images more attractive.


Regarding the choice of templates for the future site, here Weebly corresponds to the well-established opinion about the high quality of templates of “import” site designers and provides the user with excellent design solutions with excellent style and quality of workmanship. In total, users of the system are offered than 120 ready-made Weebly templates, divided into 8 rather strange styles by name. For some templates, the user can immediately set the preferred color range. Considering the possibility of returning to a site design change at any time, including by directly editing HTML and CSS files, users should not focus too much on the initial selection of the template. They can always take it up and align it with their vision of “beautiful” design.

Customer support

Weebly support provides various types of customer help. Firstly, the control panel itself contains explanatory pop-up windows and tips that will help to easily explore the system. Secondly, users can take advantage of LiveChat support, as well as to use the phone and email. Help Center contains answers to frequently asked questions and many useful lessons. Weebly is also quite active on social networks. In urgent cases, user can contact Weebly customer service Twitter or Facebook.

SEO & Marketing

The hosting provides the necessary basic capabilities for optimizing a site for search engines. In addition to the Title field, user can also fill in the site description, add a list of keywords, as well as a footer code and a tracking code.

Weebly automatically performs SEO-optimization of the site, recognizes new content and helps to correctly form meta tags. Images inserted into the site are distinguished by the ability to attach corresponding alt-tags to them for deeper optimization.

Considering the audience that this site designer is focused on, a detailed reference guide for website promotion in search engines looks very useful, with which the site owner will be able to independently understand the basic techniques and secrets of successful promotion.

Weebly payments

This platform provides the following four payment gateway options for users:

1. Stripe is one of the first payment gateways that Weebly offers to store owners for accepting payments from online shoppers. It allows integrating checkout at online store, and all Weebly users can turn it on, including free plan users.

2. Square is one of the payment gateways offered by Weebly to business plan users for accepting money transfers from customers. This allows integrated payment in online store and allows accepting credit cards instantly.

3. Authorize.Net is also a payment gateway offered to users of a business plan. It allows integrating ordering in online store and requires the creation of a separate seller account outside of Weebly.

4. PayPal is the easiest payment gateway offered to all users, including free plan ones. This option is not recommended for online stores, as customers will be redirected to the PayPal website for checkout. As in other options, user needs to have a separate PayPal account and pay a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.


In conclusion, it can be said that this service provides good templates and excellent opportunities for editing, has a convenient administrative panel, a good set of tools for creating regular websites and online stores. Moreover, this is a very affordable and easy-to-use editor, perfect for a personal project, blog, portfolio, or small business owner. Weebly best website builder for those who do not have much experience in designing websites, but there is a need to be present on the Internet and at the same time create a good looking and working website without any problems.

Weebly User Reviews (write 4-5 reviews)

Review 1: Im on Weebly platform since January 2015. I had minimal programming skills, but I was able to create a functional website using Weebly tutorials and excellent technical support. Hosting has an amazing value for money! My only complaint is that during lunch and early evening, Weebly becomes slow and not responsive.

Review 2: This service is extremely friendly allowing simply and easily create a website and blog. It is no wonder that anyone with zero technical level can create a website within minutes using this service.

Review 3: Ready-made themes are very diverse. Particularly pleased with the search for themes by color range - this is very convenient. For me the store design is not so important. The main thing is the convenience of the client, and with this there are no special problems. It is really reliable, modern and high-quality designer. By the way, the cost is probably one of the main disadvantages of Weebly. For a big store, you have to pay $ 300 for 1 year. However, there are opportunities for setting up ready-made templates and additional functionality for paid tariffs. In general, the site is very convenient and pleasant to use.

Review 4: Recently, it was necessary to make a one-page funnel site to attract people to the affiliate program. Of course, I could use the blog, but I wanted something more serious and beautiful. I looked at a couple of options, and stopped at this service. First of all, I liked the simplicity. You can drag the necessary component into the site area, arranged it as you like, filled out everything! Secondly, the setting is very deep, literally everything can be changed and configured, and if you understand HTML/CSS you can correct it if something is wrong. I advise this service to everyone!

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