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Top 6 Best Wedding Website Builders


Creating a personal wedding website is becoming one of the most common things any couple should do before having a wedding ceremony. The matter is that a simple wedding website for couples will make the preparation for your big day much easier. Moreover, your guests are likely to start waiting for your personal wedding website right after you’ve announced your engagement. 


But, how to make a wedding website? Where can you look for the most stunning wedding websites examples? No worries! A modern best wedding websites will do the almost entire job for you! Just choose an easy-to-use wedding website maker and enjoy the creative process of easy web development.


What do the best wedding websites offer? There are tons of functions that will help you to plan your wedding schedule, create your own story, share the engagement photos, provide the guests with your gift list, and describe some important information about your wedding day. 


Although most modern wedding website builders look similar, they have different functionality, pricing, design, and additional tools. Below you will find some information on how to choose the top wedding website that will perfectly fit your needs and budget. 


The best wedding websites 2020


Wix is considered to be the king of website builders. The matter is that it has one of the riches functionalities among its competitors. The website builder has over 500 templates of all kinds. The number of wedding-focused templates is over 20, so you will definitely find something special for you.


Wix allows creating excellent wedding websites in minutes. Therefore, the program is suitable for busy couples, who lack free time for crafting a site but still want to wow their guests. Wix has a comprehensive drag and drop editor. To add elements to your site, you will need to choose the needed one and simply place it anywhere on your webpage. Unlike most website builders, Wix is not a grid-based solution, so you have complete freedom to put the elements wherever you would like to. 

Wix has a specially designed App Market. Here you will be able to find even more plugins and tools to enrich your wedding website with ease. Some tools are paid, some are free but all are really good and have a high quality. 


The program has a mobile editor, where you will be able to adjust your site for mobile screens. This is convenient since you might want to hide some elements that require too much loading time. Moreover, with this feature, you can see how your site will look like on mobile devices with no need to test it on different gadgets. 


Wix has different pricing plans. You can pick up any subscription that suits your purposes. Generally, we recommend purchasing a premium plan for your wedding website. This way, you will get a custom domain, no Wix ads, and lots of advanced functions for an amazing site. 



  • The largest number of templates among the other builders

  • Really easy-to-use, great for beginners

  • Lots of plugins, widgets, and tools available at App Market

  • Good for busy couples

  • Completely customizable - has almost no limitations in placing the elements

  • Mobile editor embedded

  • Ability to send e-invites



  • Templates can be switched only before publishing your site

  • Too many options might appear too overwhelming

  • No free plan




Squarespace is a unique software that is world-famous for its stunning templates. All the themes always look polished and incredibly professional. The top-notch design of the templates is the key of the Squarespace website builder that attracts thousands of couples for creating their best wedding sites with ease. 


Although the program has not as wide choice of themes as Wix, its templates are always looking crispy and easy to navigate. With the help of the website builder, you will be able to craft an eye-catching site within the shortest terms. By the way, the program allows creating mobile versions of your wedding site automatically - all the templates are responsive and will look great on any device, both mobile and desktop. 


The website builder is focused on crafting sites with excellent galleries of photos and videos. Therefore, you can easily share your love story, the engagement day, and other cute images and videos. 


The site allows you creating a handy wishlist, so your guests will no longer need to worry about purchasing presents for your big day. The truth is that sorting out your registry becomes incredibly easy and convenient with Squarespace. The program allows integrating the registry directly to your wedding website. 


Have you ever heard about the donation system on the wedding site? You can easily implement this feature, too! This way, you can get extra cash for your honeymoon with absolutely no efforts. By the way, this function is one of the tons of hidden benefits of Squarespace. 



  • Most beautiful templates compared to other website builders

  • Responsive design with no need to customize the mobile version of your site

  • Various tools for editing and customizing your site

  • Convenient registry

  • Supports lots of third-party plugins

  • Allows embedding honeymoon donation system for guests to get more money for your journey



  • Might appear not as easy to use as similar website builders

  • Fewer templates than Wix has

  • No free plan




Weebly is one of the leading website builders for wedding sites with lots of unique features. The platform is focused on making the process of web creation as easy as possible. With the help of Weebly, you will be able to create a perfect site within the shortest time. 


Adding new elements, adjusting texts, fonts, and background, uploading images and video to your site has never been easier. Weebly remains to be one of the fastest ways to create a wedding site for free! Yes, the platform has a free plan, so you can save a good amount of money, which is especially important for couples with limited budgets.


Although the program has a free plan, it is still miraculously feature-rich. Here, you will be able to find everything needed for crafting a unique site in no time. There is no such a whopping number of templates as in Wix and Squarespace, but it is still enough for crafting a beautiful wedding site. Moreover, all the themes are mobile-friendly, so your project will look good on most smartphones and tablets. 


Weebly can boast of having lots of additional features that might be really useful for your guests. For example, you can add a guestbook with comments for guests, integrate your social media accounts to the site, map or show certain directions, offer accommodation options nearby, and lots of other awesome things. By the way, the website builder also allows creating a site from a blank page, add section and elements. 



  • Incredibly easy to use 

  • Allows creating a site within the shortest terms

  • Lots of extended functions for guests

  • Good photo galleries

  • Allows uploading videos

  • Free plan with lots of functions included

  • Ability to upgrade to the paid plan anytime

  • Ability to purchase a plan with a custom website address



  • Fewer templates compared to Squarespace and Wix

  • Less creative freedom when customizing your wedding website

  • The free plan has some limitations


The Knot


The Knot is one of the most popular website builders for wedding websites in the USA. The most attractive thing that brings The Knot thousands of new users each year is that it is completely free. There are no paid plans, premium features or business subscriptions - the entire builder’s functionality is free with no limitations, making it one of the best free wedding websites worldwide. 


The program is really easy-to-use but not as intuitively understandable as website builders with paid plans. The truth is that its analogs are based on drag and drop editor, while The Knot looks like a handy dashboard with an editor. Although the software is a little bit less complicated than other solutions on the market, it still doesn’t require any technical or coding knowledge and is completely suitable for beginners. 


What makes The Knot differ from classical website builders is that it allows creating a checklist for your wedding. In other words, the program is not only a wedding website builder but also a great planning tool. Preparing for the big day might appear much easier with the program’s rich functionality.


However, the platform also has a couple of drawbacks. The matter is that it doesn’t allow lots of freedom for customization of themes and templates. It also has no drag and drop editor that is a built-in feature in its analogs. Nevertheless, The Knot still continues to be one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to create a wedding site with almost no efforts. 



  • A website builder that is designed for weddings only 

  • No functions and options that are not related to the wedding field

  • User-friendly design 

  • A convenient planner to schedule your big day

  • Great checklist not to miss anything important

  • Completely free to use and doesn’t contain any paid options

  • Good for busy couples with a limited budget



  • Not as easy to use as other website builders

  • No embedded drag and drop builder

  • Lacks customization freedom

  • No integration with third-party apps and plugins

  • Restrictive editor with limited creative ideas


Appy Couple


Appy Couple is another top-rated solution that offers to create a wedding website on the fly. The platform will give you a helping hand for crafting a perfectly looking site even in case you are completely new to the web development area. Moreover, you can download the builder’s app and update the needed information with no need to enter the desktop version.


If you want to make a wedding website that will be useful not only for your guests but for you, too, Apple Couple is the right choice. The matter is that the program allows creating a personal pool for yourself that is not available for the visitors. Here, you will be able to store the needed data not to keep in mind tons of important aspects for your wedding. 


The website builder has everything needed for creating a wedding website fast and easy. It contains over 500 templates, styles, fonts, as well as allows creating good-looking albums with photos and handy logistics sections. Furthermore, the platform integrates with dozens of retailers.



  • Great website builder and planner

  • Lots of advanced tools 

  • Personalized wedding application for mobile phones



  • Price

  • No free plan

  • No free trial period 




Joy is a great free website builder for wedding sites. The program is as easy, as 1-2-3. You will not need to spend hours learning Joy basics - the software has an absolutely intuitive interface with all the functions and options collected in a convenient way. 


Despite being free, Joy has everything needed for crafting a wonderful wedding website. It contains lots of templates, fonts, styles, additional utilities that will help you create a superior site with ease. The platform has a beginner-friendly design, so you are not likely to face many difficulties when using Joy. The wedding websites created by the program are usually top-notch, clean and have a perfect look.


However, Joy has a too limited number of templates. Actually, there are only two main themes for creating a website. Nevertheless, it is fairly enough for crafting your own unique wedding website with lots of unique functions. The platform offers various style changes that you will not find among the builder’s competitors. These are floral, think patterns, and other solutions that are absolutely unique. 


The program’s customization is not as easy as in Wix or Weebly. Therefore, if you want to implement your exclusive creative ideas, it is better to switch to the builder with fewer limitations. In case you are looking for a simple, top-notch, and beautiful wedding website with no extra options, Joy might become a great tool to meet all your expectations. 



  • Completely easy to use

  • Various unique functions that are not available at similar builders

  • Simple and understandable process of customization and publishing the website

  • Perfect for beginners

  • Completely free to use



  • A limited number of templates

  • Lacks of customization freedom

  • Difficult to get your personal customized domain


The Best Wedding websites examples 

In case you don’t know, where to start creating your personal wedding website, you might easily find some inspiration by searching for similar site samples online. Still hesitate, whether you need a beautiful wedding site? Just take a look at these incredible wedding websites, created by common couples with no coding experience: 


  • Nikki and David:

  • Jan and Rob:

  • Karl and Gina:

  • Sarah and Peter:

  • Grayden and Jenny:

You can easily add similar menus to your wedding website and describe your own unique story to make an unforgettable website and amaze your guests. No programming knowledge requires - all the sites above were made by people with no programming knowledge. 




How to make a wedding website?

Making a wedding website is really easy. The first thing you should begin with is to find the best wedding website creator that will meet your preferences. There is no need to begin with purchasing a domain or hosting with the help of the third parties - both options are usually provided by the website builders. The second thing (and the most interesting one) is to customize your site. Feel free to upload your couple’s photos and videos, share your stories, and add other important data to your site. When it is ready, you can publish your site in just a few clicks and start sharing it with your friends and family immediately. 


What information should you place on a wedding website?

You can put on the wedding website any data you want to share with your guests. As a rule, most wedding sites contain these kinds of information:

  • Date and details about the wedding ceremony

  • Photos and videos about the couple

  • Engagement story or video 

  • Love story 

  • Other data about the wedding day


Which wedding web builder is the best for displaying images and videos?

Squarespace is surely the best website builder for displaying your wedding, engagement, and love story pictures and video. The platform offers convenient and user-friendly galleries with a wide range of advanced functions.  


Why should I sign up for a premium plan if there are free plans available?

As a rule, premium plans offer a higher number of functions to their customers. For example, in a free plan, you might have limited storage space. However, purchasing a plan will remove all the limitations and help you create a more beautiful and feature-rich wedding website. 


Which wedding website builder is best for complete newbies? 

Wix is the best website builder for beginners. With tons of well-designed templates, easy customization and numerous advanced features, you no longer need to worry about coding. You will be able to create an amazing site even in case you have absolutely no web development knowledge. 

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