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The best band website builder: tips for choosing a perfect software

Becoming a popular band has always been not an easy task. However, showing off your talent, getting noticed, and sharing your music with the audience has become much easier during recent years. Dozens of pop stars, including DJs, bands, and solo artists, are being discovered on the web. 


In case you are gaining popularity on social networks, have thousands of views and subscribers at Youtube, it is still not enough for a modern musical talent. Having a personal site is a must-have for any artist, as well as for common music enthusiasts who would like to become famous. 


Of course, your live concerts, quality of music, and the way you share the energy with your audience are still taking the first place when talking about recognition. The second place goes to your digital performance. If you are still not well-known, with the help of the website you can become more accessible and commercial to the fans and musical producers. In case you have already earned some fame, there is always a good chance to become closer to your admirers and attract new admirers. Are you ready to choose the best website builder for musicians? Go ahead and make your own perfectly-tuned project with our collection of best musicians websites

Top-rated programs for making professional musician website


Bandzoogle is a beautiful website builder for musician’s websites that was crafted by music gurus more than 20 years ago. The service is created for creative spirits from the music industry, who want to become more popular online. Thus, it contains only the best features for your niche. 


What is good for the builder? 

  • More than 100 themes for musicians

  • Ability to stream and integrate with various social media channels, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and other popular services

  • Has no commission on sales. In case you would like to sell digital or real products on your website, you will not need to pay a cent for your online trade.

  • Strong analytical utilities. Find the most dedicate fans and increase the number of subscribers with the help of premium analytics

  • The trial period that lasts a whopping 30 days

  • Pleasant pricing policy that will suit almost any budget


What is not so good for the builder? 

  • The functionality is not as powerful as in the universal builders


What is the price? 

The plans start from $8 per month. 


Wix is a multifarious website builder for professional and beginner musicians. Although the program is not a music-specific site constructor, it is a universal service, where you can find all the top-notch tools for creative musicians.


What is good for the builder? 

  • The most stunning collection of themes

  • Millions of editing functions for mass customization

  • Free plan for limited budgets

  • Ability to add countless media files

  • Excellent analytics of your website performance

  • Huge application market for special tools and widgets


What is not so good for the builder? 

  • Might seem too diverse for newbies

  • Once you’ve set up the theme on live site, you won’t be able to switch it without losing your content


What is the price? 

The plans start from $11 per month. 

Music Glue

Music Glue is a website builder that has some significant differences from similar options. The truth is that it specializes in e-commerce sites for musicians and is really great for selling online rather than building a simple site. 


What is good for the builder? 

  • Lots of websites of famous musicians were crafted with the help of this builder

  • The most awesome e-commerce-focused software

  • Ability to arrange an online trade with the maximum number of utilities

  • Excellent choice of templates


What is not so good for the builder? 

  • The service will charge you a small commission on sales. By the way, it is a whopping 10% of your sales

What is the price? 

Using the platform is free but selling online charges you a 10-15% commission. 



Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder for talented musicians. The platform has a powerful back-end and miraculously stylish front-end side. These features will help you to construct a gorgeous site and load it with your brilliant music and videos. 


Unlike most analog builders, Squarespace has no limitations on the storage space for your project. This means you can post hundreds and even thousands of tracks and video files to your site, making the builder one of the most top-notch ones for bands and artists. 


Furthermore, the builder attracts thousands of customers due to its mobile-responsive designs. There are no outdated, old-fashioned or boring themes - that is what most clients enjoy when crafting their sites with Squarespace. By the way, you can sell both your compositions and premium music along with different kinds of merch. Making money is great with this builder. 


What is good for the builder? 

  • No limits on storage space

  • Prize-winning templates for musicians

  • Flexible designs for smartphones and tablets

  • An opportunity to add dozens of third-party tools 

  • Free period to try the builder

  • Easy Soundcloud integration for the quick and easy sales process


What is not so good for the builder? 

  • The price for using the builders goes far above average


What is the price? 

The plans are sold out for $26-$40 per month. 



BandVista is a fine-tuned website builder for musicians that surely worth your attention. The program allows designing a music-specific website that will have an amazingly fast loading speed. This is great for the visitors’ experience and will automatically improve your SEO parameters (search engines prefer indexing fast websites) If you will load your site with tons of audio and video content, it will still remain as fast as lightning. 


The app offers an integrated player that will make your subscribers and producers happy with the accessibility of your music and video files. By the way, you can add videos from lots of popular platforms directly to your site. For example, YouTube, Vimeo, and social network websites like Facebook. 


Although handling an online store is not the strongest benefit of BandVista, it still allows making a simple and easily manageable project for e-commerce needs. An another great news for you - the builder will not charge any additional commissions on your sales. The money you earn is only yours - there is no need to pay for the platform's sales services. 


However, the site can’t boast to having extra modern and flexible themes. Some templates are not really impressive, while others might even seem old-school and outdated. Nevertheless, the site has a great number of good themes to choose from for your project. 


What is good for the builder? 

  • Enough themes for musicians and music enthusiasts

  • No sales commission for using the builder

  • A handy option of embedding videos from the other sites

  • The fast loading speed of pages


What is not so good for the builder? 

  • The e-commerce tools are not brilliant


What is the price? 

The plans are sold out for $10-$16 per month. 

Free band website: do you need it? 

If you are already searching for a good musician website builder, you might have your own reasons for creating an online project. However, let us offer you even more advantages you might have forgotten about. 


Raise your band name. Using cloud services for sharing your musical compositions is surely a good and free way to show off your talent. But it is not enough for the successful promotion of your talent. You need a qualitative website for musicians that will become your digital business card. Furthermore, it is more respectable to share the URL to your personal website rather than send an odd combination of letters for giving access to your cloud storage. 


Make it convenient. Social media and online repositories usually have a simple structure with limited functionality. In other words, they often look boring. If you would like to start a personalized and breathtaking service, a website builder for musicians is the one you might need. Listening to the music online with the help of a handy built-in player, looking at the band’s photos and communicating with other admirers will be highly valued by your fans. 


More fans. Most people globally have access to the Internet. Surely, not all the music enthusiasts will see your website but still more people will have access to listen to your music. A great option for those looking for world fame. 


Share events. If you already have some fans, it will be great to share the schedule of your concerts and performances. You will be able to sell more tickets, as well as become more open to those who like your music. 


Get new invitations. The concert and event organizers, sponsors, and producers will have an opportunity to get in touch with you easily and quickly, especially if you provide a separate phone number or e-mail for event managers. 


Bring your fans together. Although there are tons of ways of communication nowadays, a pro musician website is one of the most popular channels for discussions and chatting for fans. If you communicate with them personally from time to time, your admirers will just scream from delight. 


Earn cash. Your musician website might appear to be a great way of earning extra money aside from your concert life. Selling merch is another good way to have an additional income from your musical activity. For example, you can start selling t-shirts, mugs, pillows and different knick-knacks to your dedicated supporters. 

How to make a band website: top needed web pages 

Although there are no exact requirements for making a musician website with the help of the builder, there are still some unwritten rules you should know about. The most crucial rule here is the number of necessary pages for your project. These are the most relevant pages for any bad site you can find online:


Home. This is the main page of your musician website. Here you can add some personal data, such as the history of your success, publish more info about the members of your band, or place some recent videos. The content of the main page can greatly vary, so it’s up to you to decide which information will be the most interesting to your subscribers. 


Contacts. This page is developed mainly for event managers and producers, who would like to get in contact with your band. It is vital to provide only up-to-date and relevant info so that the concert organizers will be able to invite you to the coolest events in your music style.


Media. This is the heart of your musical website. Make sure to embed a handy player that will allow your fans to listen to your music online. Moreover, you can also provide some videos and clips from your recent shows. It is important for both audio and video players to load fast and work properly. You can also separate video and audio files available at your site and dedicate a separate web page for each type of media. 


Store. This option might sound appealing for those musicians who would like to sell some merch online. Place a few categories of products you are planning to sell, their prices and delivery details. By the way, attaching payment systems is great for your customers’ convenience. 


Events. The schedule of upcoming events and concerts can be displayed in the form of a calendar or a handy list with certain dates. You can also add some booking widgets to sell the tickets online or provide URL on other sites, where your fans can purchase tickets. 


Other. You can also create a separate page dedicated to the forum or other ways of communication between your admirers. However, not all musician websites contain this page. 

Bringing visitors to your site: top prompts

Creating a superior musician website is only half of the job you will need to succeed online. The next thing that is vital for your site performance is a crowd of visitors to your website. There are lots of different ways to bring you new admirers but we’ve chosen the most effective ones for musicians. 


Use streaming services. Streamers are currently among the leaders of attracting traffic. Why shouldn’t you become one of these professionals? You have a wide range of services to choose from for your streaming activity, starting from classical YouTube to more advanced Spotify and Pandora. 


Ads. This is the easiest and the most common to engage new music enthusiasts. Posting ads according to certain keywords at popular search engines is the first thing any newbie musician does to attract a quality audience.


SEO. This method is not the simplest one for musicians with no programming experience. However, some builders offer this function for maximum convenience and are ready to help you with promotion for just a couple of extra bucks per month. 


Social media channels. You’ve probably had already been using social media for maximizing the number of your listeners. But there are still some ways to do that better - go social and try to share any news and event regarding your band. 


Music contest. This is the most creative way to grab the attention of the fans and producers to the musicians. Taking part in various popular contests is also able to bring you the world fame. Always engage in different contests that are developed for your style of music. 


Influencers. Try to find and ask some of the leading musicians in your niche to share your music with their followers. This not an easy task but in case you succeed, the number of your admirers can double. 

What about the final decision for choosing the builder?

There is no exact leader when choosing the best music website builder. Nevertheless, certain builders have their own peculiarities and advantages. Here is our top chart of the coolest builders. 


The most music-focused builder: Bandzoogle

The most reasonable price and a free plan: Music Glue

The easiest band site builder: BandVista

The simplest overall builder: Wix

The most stylish builder: Squarespace


Isn’t making the final choice easy with this chart? 

Frequently Asked Questions about musician’s website builders  

Can I create band website if I’m not a programmer?

Sure! Most website builders are designed for beginners just like you. The interface of these programs is simple and convenient to use. 


Do I need an SEO expert to make search engines rank my website better?

No, this is not necessary at all. Many builders offer automatic SEO functions that are quite effective for most musician’s websites.


Does Wordpress is the only way to build my website?

No, of course not. There are dozens of other similar builders that are extremely cheap and user-friendly. 

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