uKit Website Builder Review

What is uKit made for?


Probably, every owner of small and medium businesses has ever thought about landing page or personal website to increase the number of sales and brand awareness. UKit website builder is a perfect solution and answer to this. It was made especially to ease the creation process of websites. Since launching the uKit website builder in 2015 it has won the hearts of the customers around the globe. 


uCoz is a perfect choice for those who don’t have an ability or desire to pay a significant amount of money for web studios, freelancers or agents. It gives an opportunity to create own website of different style and publish it on the personal domain or web hosting. There is no need for extraordinary programming or web design skills, it can be a matter of a few hours only. Every user might choose the appropriate style, format, design, print, etc.


Also, one of the advantages that makes uKit service stand out from other website builders is its frequent updates. All these features make the uKit service convenient and user-friendly for all types of customers depending on their business goals. So, the uKit actions may be compared to the work of a full-stack web-design agency.  


What are the Pros and Cons of uKit?                                     


Surely, like every type of software and website builders, uKit has its own advantages and disadvantages. It has many convenient features that can significantly ease the process of website creation. For example, unlike another website “creators” uCoz (actually, it is a previous name of a uKit brand) wants no authorization details like name, phone number, and address. This is a huge plus for those who don’t want to share their personal data with others. 


Another uKit advantage is its competitive price in comparison with other website builders. For example, uKits’ direct competitor Wix has significantly higher price despite its almost similar functionality.


Indisputable plus is uKits simple and user- friendly Editor. It has a simple design and includes all important tools options in a left sidebar. UKits’ editor gives an opportunity to manage pages, build sites, choose colors, site backups and many more. On the other hand, blogs and web stores are suitable for average users more than for businesses. 


As for disadvantages, uKit has a narrow variety of website templates which limits its usage and further website promotion. Also, uKits’ Customer Support works not so good as it should. In the FAQ section languages are not considered good enough, it still redirects you to a Russian version because English version doesn’t work at all. 


Also, it is hard to find the right article in a blog to find an answer to a question because it simply doesn’t have headers. However, despite its weak points uKit still worth to be considered.                                     


Simplicity is a uKits’ privilege         


One of the uKits’ advantages is its simplicity and user-friendliness. It was designed by uCoz company especially for those who don’t have technical background or web design skills. Creating a landing page or a website is a matter of a few hours.   


uKit website builder is easy to navigate and moderate the looking. Also, it has an implemented Editor that helps to customize your chosen template. Every action is become simple, easy and even funny. uKit was logically built and divided into few sections- the Dashboard and Builder. 


Also, it has such working areas like Site Pages, Builder, Design and adaptive Site view. A good option is a possibility to see all your changes in action. Before publishing a website, the customer might see a preview by simply clicking on a Preview button. While doing this you can switch between different devices kile desktop,  tablet and mobile. It is a good option to see the final view of a website on different devices.


The Dashboard gives a chance to see the visitors statistics, connect analytics, enable different modes, view notifications and many more.

uKit Feature Set and Flexibility

  • eCommerce

  • Online Calculator

  • Table Sheets

  • Fonts

  • Images and Video

  • Useful Widgets

  • Hosting

  • Promotion (Promo Codes & Coupons)

  • Service Tools

  • CRM Integration

  • Domains

  • SSL Security


So, what’s in uKit?


UKit website builder has  pretty simple interface that makes work comfortable and easy. It doesn’t include unnecessary functions which is a plus. 


Temporary domain and template might be chosen right after a registration. You’ll need to enter your name, contact data, links to social medias and the job is done!


UKit gives an opportunity to experiment with blocks, images, adding new elements etc. It will take only few minutes to get ready for a job! There are four website editing options like “Design”, “Builder”, “Pages” and “Adaptive Site View”. 




There is also a possibility of creating web stores with an implemented function of Ecwid Shop functionality. Customer have to register on a module in order to use it.


It is a convenient function for launching small internet shops. However, it won’t be suitable for big supermarkets, holdings etc. Also, there are some inconveniences while creating pages for each product separately. Every customer might add general buttons to the website interface like price lists, add buttons, order buttons etc. 


Another convenient option is the Product widget which is an integrated  tool for creating websites. It proposes a description of unlimited numbers of product with additional functions like adding pictures, descriptions, pop-up windows and registration form. 


This tools also give customer a possibility to add functions like price, currency, margin. It will count the additional percentage etc. 


Online Calculator

Integrated online calculator based on uCalc functionality.It is a convenient tool for calculating cost for a products and make a purchase after. 


Table Sheets 


PRO Tables is a convenient widget which is more functional and ease the uKit performance. It helps customers to create and fine-tune the tables by showing borders and headers, merging and copying cells, choosing custom colors for table elements, adjusting field sizes and many more. There is also a possibility of choosing cell types.It’s up to you now to configure the major button parameters and set up its view by adjusting the design, size and other available configurations.




Customers have an ability to use uKit editor in order to set up font pairs for a website and change the uploaded images. A user can select only 2 fonts (for a heading and the rest of the text) and set their display options in details (interline spacing, size, font type, spacing between letters). These settings are available in the “Design” section.


Images and Video


A possibility of  cropping images while adding them to a gallery or a slider  allows displaying the required element, avoiding watermarks. It is quite useful feature. Your website graphics will become much more impressive.

Integrated “Video” widget appeals to many users as well. By using it, you will be able to add a video link, set the auto display mode, the display of similar videos in the end, presentation of a video title and player control panel. These features can be activated/deactivated in a few clicks only by using sliders in the widget settings.

With uKit, you can set up video background for any of the available blocks. No installation of third-party scripts or complicated code integration is needed to do that – everyone can cope with the task in a matter of minutes. A few clicks will be enough to make your web page more entertaining, interactive and dynamic. The video background will be vividly displayed behind information blocks, thus attracting user attention to the required content.


uKit proposes the unlimited file storage space and automatic optimization of user photos.



uKit offers quite interesting function of a SEO optimization and further promotion assistant. It significantly ease this process.


uKit website builder designs


As for designs, uKit proposes a wide range of themes.It is subdivided into 400 different themes to meet any customers taste and expectations. The final view of a page might be changed or completed by other styles.You can change colors, menu, fonts, styles, tables and many more. All of the designs are sorted by spheres and areas, industries.


In order to simplify the web design creation process customer must select a niche. It might be law, chemistry, tourism, construction etc. It will help to create a design within 20 minutes only and choose appropriate background, styles, photos and blocks.

uKit SEO tools

SEO tools and principles used in uKit are the same for every platform. Mostly, they can be subdivided into following points.


  • Headings are important (H1, H2 etc.) Don’t forget about filling out meta tags for each web page (title, description, keywords). All of these settings and features can be found in “Pages” menu only by choosing the “SEO” section.This is very important.

  • Meta tags must be filled out with regard to the web page content and keywords used. It is important to receive successful search engine results. This is also the place, where you can disable any web page indexing, except for the homepage. 

  • Adding links to other website pages in your posts. This will be helpful as well, but don’t go over the top: mind the context and don’t add too many links.

  • Possibility of Google Analytics connection. Surely, it can be complicated at first but then it won’t be a problem. This will be a perfect tool to observe the development process of your website to know what can be changed and added.

  • Also, it is important to remind about the possibility of social network integration. Every user may add as many accounts as possible. Along with that, you may add links to other external sources. 

To sum up, the SEO functions are pretty good in uKit ,so it gives incredible opportunity to promote your website within different resources. It is important to use all the spectre of options to get the best promotion result as possible.


uKit customer support service

In case of having different kinds of problems or question every user might get access to a base of already answered questions. It is called FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. This might be problems with websites management or web design. They are logically structured and divided into groups and chapters.

Also, every user might contact every of uKit experts within different sources like Skype or email. Surely, in case you haven’t find an answer. There is also an official uKit blog available that covers main problems and questions. 

Pricing Policy of uKit

As for prices, right now ukit has 4 pricing plans available. For 3 and 6 months and 1 or 2 years. There is also a good discount available.

Premium uKit package (which is 5$/mo or 48$/year), include unlimited amount of web pages and disk storage, unlimited amount of domains. Suitable for business.

Premium plus (which is 10$/mo or 96$/year) package that gives access to various templates and further websites promotion.

eCommerce package  (which is 12$/mo or 115$/year), gives a chance to create web stores and add different features like choice of currency, shopping cart, delivery nuances and online payments like PayPal, Wallet One etc. Also, there is a possibility of a free 14 days trial.

The last package is Pro (15$/mo or 144$/year) which will be suitable for professionals and may include html integration and extra creative options.

User reviews on uKit

Fortunately, there is a possibility to read customers reviews about uKit to make a final decision.

Honestly, I haven’t used such convenient website builder before. It is affordable, includes many useful optimization tools. Wonderful staff!

uKit really changed my point of view about implemented website builders. Surely, it has some weak and strong points but, nonetheless, I enjoy using it.

I created my own webstore within the uKit. It really starts getting profit. It has many additional tools which is very convenient and brings indisputable efficacy.

Without doubts, uKit is a good choice for small and medium businesses with a small budget. It will significantly save your time.


Q: What is it for?

A: It is a specially customized service to build a website or webstore for different businesses online. uKit is pretty simple in usage and was specially designed for people not well acquainted with technologies etc. uKit is popular with local businesses and small companies. It is completely free code platform so it is usable for beginners.

Q: Is it free of charge?

A: No, it isn’t but it provides a 14 days free trial option. Pricing is pretty simple with a three packages included ($4/mo, $8/mo and $12/mo.)

Q: Is it good for blogging?

Q: uKit gives wonderful opportunities almost for every kind of writers. Customizable backgrounds,scales, colors and many more options. Along with a SEO optimization it gives wonderful results. 

Q: Is uKit compatible with mobile phone?

A: uKit is a highly compatible website builder. It works  with different devices like desktop, mobile phone and tablets.

Q: How many people use uKit?

A: uKit is highly used and popular platform. Is it used within different customer categories.

Q: How to add Google analytics to uKit?

A: It is available within eCommerce functions. It will help you significantly promote a website.

Conclusion about uKit website builder

To sum up,the uKit is a perfect solution for small and medium businesses owners. It helps to create a good website or web store with a limited budget. Convenient included eCommerce options helps to promote the product online.

uKit really has won thousands customers hearts all over the globe because of its simplicity and other convenient and stylish features.

uKit service is constantly updated with a new features and developing technologies. The latest one is a possibility of converting Facebook pages into the website.

According to these and other convenient and useful option uKit really worth to be considered because it really brings simplicity and convenience to the web design and web building process.uKit surely will bring profit and development to your business.

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