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The reality is that a business that is not on the Internet is destined to die. No wonder it is said that a business that is not on the Internet is not anywhere. In the modern world, companies, including restaurants, fight for the attention of visitors. Therefore, the first mandatory rule is to create your own website.

We can understand the concerns of restaurant owners about taking a business online. This is especially true for those who have a successful offline business. The reason lies in that 80% of visitors who scroll the Internet in search of places to go. And this figure will undoubtedly continue to grow. As the owner of the restaurant, it's time to go ahead of the rest and conquer the market.

Website development is a rather time-consuming and expensive process for which you may not have enough resources: money, time, experience, knowledge of sensible specialists, etc. Here where restaurant website builder come in. 

They are elementary in setting up and managing, many of them already have templates for the restaurant business or templates that easily adapt to this type of business, they do not need knowledge of coding, and sometimes even cost-less. 

The best website builders for restaurants can offer you attractive and creative fonts, “tasty” pictures that push visitors to order or to eat or link to integrated platforms like Getty images where you can choose appropriate pictures. Also on such platforms you can easily change logo and background colors after restaurant rebranding without involving specialists and making changes to the website code. What is the best website builder?


Choosing The Best Website Builder Software For Restaurant – What to Look for?


Definitely, you can find lots of website builders on the Internet, but we propose you the most worthy of a restaurant’s niche. 

The best restaurant website builders are:

    • Wix - the best website builder for any type of restaurants

    • Weebly - for restaurateurs who don't feel tech-savvy

    • Squarespace - the biggest variety of design templates

    • Flavor Plate - platform created specifically for restaurateurs

    • Let's Eat! is an analog to, but in a restaurant niche

Let’s now go further and analyze the pros and cons of each website builder for restaurants.




$ 0.00-25.00/month

The well-known website builder for any business, including restaurants. It has more than 50 templates for restaurants and food. The developers have responsibly approached the templates development and the restaurant business as a whole. They understand the difference in approaches for a steakhouse and a pizzeria or the difference in a vegan and vegetarian restaurant. Accordingly, for each of the types listed above and for many other types of restaurants, this website builder offers its own solutions.

Restaurant owners are offered unique options for online ordering restaurant food for consumers and menu announcement. In our opinion, these are must-have pages of the website for any restaurant. Few restaurants have such features on the website, so this can be your competitive advantage.

On Wix, you can create up to 6 free pages. On the menu page, you can add meals, change prices, discounts, and choose the design layout. On the online ordering page, a visitor can indicate meals from the list of menus that he wants to order and add individual wishes to the order.

One more useful feature on this website builder is integrated drag-and-drop technology, where you can see all the implemented changes in real-time. It is very convenient when you change font sizes or types, as you see how it suits your existing website’s style. 

You do not have to possess design and coding skills to be able to use this service. All the design layout variants and color palettes are offered to you, and you only have to choose from the existing options.


  • easy to use

  • hundreds of templates for restaurants

  • drag-and-drop implemented technology

  • free trial period

  • top-rated website builder for restaurants

  • favorable pricing plan

  • no commission on orders


  • design flexibility is limited 




$ 0.00-38.00/month

Weebly is a well-known website builder that offers a number of templates for restaurants. The choice is not as big as Wix offers. Weebly offers 10+ different templates, created for restaurants specially. 

The design abilities in Weebly are limited, but the service could be integrated with third-party apps like OpenMenu or Restaurant System. It gives you an opportunity to make changes in menu design and to implement free table reservation ability. 

According to the reviews, it is better to pay $ 8.00 per month and to have access to unlimited storage and integrated SEO-tools and marketing analytics tools, instead of working with a free plan, as the opportunities differ much. Also, this website builder is positioned as a platform for perfectionists. The reason lies in the unique content and design layout. 



  • international website builder

  • drag-and-drop technology

  • the ability to integrate applications


  • limited free plan

  • limited themed templates for restaurants




$ 12.00- 18.00/month


Squarespace is the most expensive website builder in this list, but at the same time, it is the most creative, and it possesses the highest design flexibility. This could be the best choice for perfectionists, people who firstly appreciate the design, and then the functionality, for someone who is convinced that the website design for the restaurant should sell, and only then inform.

The number of templates is a record for website builders- 70 absolutely unique design templates. The drag-and-drop option helps you to create your website intuitively. Moreover, this website builder automatically creates an adaptive design, so your website will look great at any device. 

With this service, you do not need Internet marketers and CEOs, since the cost of your plan already includes the cost of analytics for the website and the cost of its SEO promotion. What is site analytics, and what indicators does it track? Firstly, this is data about where your client came from, where he saw you, what his geographical location is. Secondly, this is data about the most popular and demanded your products, that is, information about which pages are most popular among website visitors. Also, you have the opportunity to track the path of the visitor on your website, the so-called path of the website, how he behaves on the page, which information he skips, and on which one stops.

Customer support works as if it’s your personal IT department. They work 24/7. Those who have already created websites on their own are probably aware that hosting needs to be paid monthly. Here, when you purchase a package of services, you get unlimited hosting.


  • 70 unique design templates

  • high design flexibility

  • drag-and-drop technology

  • 24/7 custom support

  • SEO-integrated tools

  • marketing analytics

  • unlimited hosting


  • no free plan

  • rather an expensive builder


Flavor Plate 


$ 9.00- 35.00


Flavor Plate is a website builder that is exclusively suitable for restaurants. The trial period lasts for 14 days, and then you should choose a paid plan. It can be easily controlled and customized; it doesn't require tech skills. The service provides only the most necessary options. Moreover, it allows you to integrate with other apps, such as OpenTable, for example. 

As the owner of the restaurant, you probably constantly think about the possibility of increasing income and attracting new customers, and accordingly about the loyalty program and gift certificates. So why not introduce such an opportunity to your customers at the website using this website builder?!

You will not be charged extra payments other than your monthly payment. On this website builder, you can easily change the menu design based on seasonality or based on your promotions and offers for customers. So, you can constantly update your website, introduce new tools, and of course, it will not be able to remain outside the attention of customers and visitors at the website.

According to statistics, 68% of people access websites from mobile devices. Therefore, of course, your website must be displayed correctly on all devices and in all browsers. This website builder’s restaurant developers took on this task. You only need to configure once the design of your website for the desktop version, and the service adapts it for all-in-one devices.

SEO optimization is a default option for this service. So, once you created and uploaded the website to the Internet, it has started its SEO promotion.


  • created for restaurateurs only

  • integrated applications

  • SEO tools

  • adaptive design for all-in-one devices

  • you can easily change the design

  • no extra payments, except for monthly payments

  • online gift certificates 


  • limited templates number - 10 only

  • no free plan, only 14-days trial period


Let’s Eat


$ 8.25 per month


This website builder is also designed specifically for the restaurant niche. Compared with the previous service, Let's Eat offers a more comprehensive selection of templates for the website, instead of 10 of them already 40.

This restaurant builder also does not have a free plan; the minimum is $ 8.25 per month, subject to payment of the annual package or $ 10 each month. But you can still take 14 days of trial.

This constructor combines functions and design, which is good news. The menu designer offers enough options so that you can provide your customers with complete information about your kitchen and your meals, respectively.

The design for the restaurant website is offered based on your needs. It can be either a purely informative function so that your customers are aware of your location, prices, meals. Or it may be the goal of attracting new customers, focused on an engaging function. Thus, based on your goals, you can choose a layout, color scheme, number of pages, and functionality.

If you use coupons for specific meals or a bonus program in your restaurant, you can implement it on the site using the constructor Let's eat !.

Unfortunately, not all necessary functions are available for free use. For some of them, you will have to pay extra. Such features include table reservation functions, the possibility of online ordering, integration with social networks, and so on. You can buy them on Let's eat! Marketplace. In addition to widgets of this platform, it is possible to use the functions of third-party industry partners, such as SeatMe, Guestful, EatStreet, and others.


  • a wide range of design templates for restaurants

  • created specifically for restaurants

  • online coupons and bonuses


  • requires additional purchases for applications

  • no free plan

  • no responsive templates


Analyze Competitors

To be the best in your field online, you need to analyze your competitors. What is it for?

  • see which sites you like and why
  • choose what features you would like to implement on your website
  • how your competitors build a restaurant website
  • what the menu looks like at other restaurants (design, pictures, fonts)
  • what is the optimal number of pages needed for a restaurant
  • what are the prices of other restaurants, especially those located near you
  • what information is not enough for your competitors and what you will definitely add to your website.


Create Content for Your Restaurant Website

We have already discussed why it is so essential to create a restaurant website. Current customers go to the website to see new meals that have appeared, special offers, buy a gift certificate for someone. New customers are looking for information on where to go, opening hours, prices, and food on offer.

We highlight the following important information that should be on the website of the restaurant:

  1. Menu

  2. Your working hours

  3. Who are you

  4. What are your direction and specialization

  5. Contact info (phone number, address)

This is the minimum you can start with. Here you can also add the possibility of ordering food and booking a table.


Final Thoughts

Just summarize:

The five best website builders for restaurants:

  1. Wix is ​​the premier and highest rated website builder for restaurants

  2. Weebly - useful integrated restaurant applications

  3. Squarespace - number one for design

  4. Flavor Plate - the best restaurant website builder

  5. Let's eat! - a budget option

Each of the restaurants’ builders listed above has its own strengths, but we recommend the following site designers, such as Wix, Squarespace, Flavor Plate. These website builders are either created for restaurants individually or could be easily adapted to such a niche. 

Your restaurant website is your mirror, your online business card. Therefore, clearly define the guidelines for yourself. For example, you are interested more in design and lots of templates so that there is plenty to choose from, and it could be easily edited. Then you need the Wix platform. Or functionality is more important to you, and then the platform specially tailored for restaurants, such as Flavor Plate, will be the best option for you.

The recipe for the success of your website is thoughtfulness + understandability for customers + beauty. As with any of your meal that is cooked in your kitchen, add your own flavor, stand out, and then you will definitely be noticed.

We tried our best to facilitate your choice, showed all the advantages and disadvantages of the leading online resources for restaurants. Select the several platforms that interest you most. Rather, you liked more than one. Activate a free plan or take a trial period where there is no free plan and start building a restaurant website.

If you like any of the proposed services at work, then you can safely pay for a premium account and launch it. After that, wait for a new flow of customers.




Which restaurant website builder has the best SEO?

Creating a website by yourself, you should know how do SEO tags work, where metadata, changed URL slugs should be added to website code. With a website builder situation is much clear. Here service takes this option on. These platforms include Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and Flavor Plate. 


Can you sell products through a restaurant website builder?

E-commerce deals with online shopping. Wix, Weebly, Squarespace all support it. On these platforms, you could sell either meal from the menu list or related products, such as a recipe book and gift certificates from the website in real-time.


What are the main things to consider when making a restaurant website?

At first, you should indicate the aim of the website and what is it created for: either to inform or to sell. Then, analyze your competitors and decide on how do you see your future website. After that, look for restaurant templates that are offered by a particular website builder. Finally, and most importantly, are the functional features provided. Someone stands out for design, and someone for functionality, so prioritize, and your choice will be narrowed down for sure.

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