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The following resources are generally valuable to anyone building websites (from beginners to experts), and don't really fit into just one or a few pages on this site.

Note: The year in brackets following each name is the year it was founded / started / launched.

Smashing Magazine (2007) is a website with the aim of informing its readers of the 'latest trends and techniques in Web development'. Its authors produce articles on the topics of coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design, and Wordpress.

Dribbble (2010) is a website based on the idea of designers showing off 'what they're working on'. Members of the website post images of the project they're working on, called 'shots'. What makes Dribble particularly unique is the way designers include their colour palette with their shots.

Stack Exchange (2009) isn't one website; it's a group of (over 100) websites that are each about questions and answers on a particular topic. Some of the websites relevant to WBC are Stack Overflow, 'for professional and enthusiast programmers'; Graphic Design; WordPress Answers; and Drupal Answers.

Awwwards (2011) is a simply about selecting and showcasing the world's best websites. The selection is done by a panel of experts, and the website highlights the 'site of the day'.

Envato (2006) can only really be described in their words as an 'ecosystem of sites with a global community'. Envato's websites cover all sorts of digital and creative industries. Envato's sites include Marketplaces (8 websites); Tuts+ (14 websites); Microlancer; Creattica; and AppStorm.

Envato Maketplaces are websites dedicated to the sale of digital products and intellectual property. The maketplaces most relevant to WBC are ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. The other marketplaces sell media that are valuable to certain websites such as audio and video clips, photos, graphics, and so on.

Tuts+ websites are each dedicated to tutorials on a particular topic, including design and web development.

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