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It is clear that for every self-respecting company a website is a matter of great importance nowadays. It is beneficial and its benefits are obvious even for a newbie: a website is a tool working on a 24-hour basis for the development of your company name, brand, recognition and popularity on the Internet and, as a result, an increase in company income.

How to create your website is one of the most frequently asked questions in almost the whole of modern informative society according to the statistics of queries in search engines. A huge number of different sites are trying to answer this question by giving various examples and explanations. Each of them uses thousands of words to tell how to make a site from scratch. But does it really help? It’s fair enough to say that the easiest way is to hire a professional who will create a perfect resource for your needs. As an alternative and cheap way of making a web resource, you can use the site builder.

 A fairly common and erroneous opinion is that creating a website is quite a simple process that will not take long. Thanks to the new offline website builder software and online services, creating a site can take a few minutes, but its content and design with really high-quality and useful content can take a month or even more.

Another common opinion claims that creating a website may require a lot of time and effort. And this one is also quite a debatable statement.

In this article, we will talk about the offline website builder software and online services for creating your site on the Internet. Read more to realize the cost and possible risks. It will be useful for newcomers and those who already have a business and are ready to represent it online. We will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of each of the ways to create a website and, we hope, we will help you make the right choice for your website. Read the article, which will help to avoid errors associated with the development of the site using offline website builders.

What makes offline website builders software the best?

There are dozens of services that offer site building services. To begin, analyze the pros and cons. When choosing platforms for creating websites, the same principles apply as for creating resources in general. Products are divided into two categories: for people with knowledge of programming and for those who do not have them.

What is an online website builder? This is a site-building system consisting of a set of visual tools to create and run a website. There is no need to independently study the program codes - the designer will do everything for you. Most of the offline software programs are known as products for those who have at least a basic knowledge of HTML. 

Choosing between online and offline platform pay attention to a few factors:

  1. Are you going to create 1 or many websites?

If you want to create and manage multiple websites use offline website builders software. You don’t need to pay for each site created on the offline platform. So you can create and run multiple projects using just one platform.

  1. When are you going to work on building/ updating your site? Will your internet connection be good?

If you are planning to work on your web resource from any place independently of internet connection available, it’s better to consider offline platforms software and build a website offline. The only moment you will need a stable internet is to upload your files to hosting server and that’s it. All other time you can work on your website design and functionality staying offline.

  1. Are you good about paying monthly or do you prefer a 1-time payment?

Online solutions usually offer both – monthly and annually payments, but using certain software you will need to buy for the license once you buy it and start to use website builder offline.

  1. D you want to choose hosting company by yourself?

Online website building platforms often gives you hosting and domain on their server. Sometimes your sit will stay there forever with no possibility to move to another hosting company. When using offline website builder you are the only owner of your web page – you can place it on any server and move it whenever you want.

The Best online Sitebuilder VS Offline Website Builder Software 


Today Wix is ​​one of the leading online website builders. The capabilities of this online service range from creating single-page websites to professional online stores and landing pages. The platform is beneficial for both – people who do not have special knowledge and for experienced users. 


 A distinctive feature of the Wix online website builder is the availability of free plan and low priced premium plans. Te whole website building process is based on the Drag-and-Drop principle, so the interface is extremely easy and intuitive. The platform offers more than 500 various HTML5 templates that will help you quickly create a high-quality website for any project. You can extend the functionality using the App Market applications or by inserting HTML code.

Wix offers many design options, you can select an individual domain and favicon to make the site unique. The platform's functionality includes an anchor menu, creating pop-up windows and a parallax effect, viewing statistics, adding social networking buttons, and setting up delivery. To help customers, Wix has its own YouTube channel with dozens of educational videos.


If you choose a template and start working on it, it will not be possible to switch to another one in the future. Some users complain about the slow download speed. Wix platform is really a popular resource with many users so it takes too long to get help or the answer to your question from technical support.


  • Combo - $7.58-10.95 / mo

  • Unlimited - $11.41-15.95 / mo

  • eCommerce - $14.79-19.90 / mo

  • VIP - $23-30 / mo

* Wix offers discounts for long-term subscription plans. You can pay monthly, yearly, biyearly. The longer the subscription period is, the less money you pay.


How to create a website offline? Give a try to Mobirise. Mobirise is an offline application for Android, Mac and Windows. It used to be an offline website builder to create sites for mobile platforms but now you can create a beautiful adaptive website that will be correctly displayed on any digital screen.


 Working with Mobirise you use a visual editor without any changes made directly to the code, so it does not require special knowledge. The interface is minimalist and intuitive. 

The service is suitable for newcomers to website building, designers who prefer visibility rather than working with code, and for all who need a web platform designed for viewing from different digital devices.

Mobirise is based on Bootstrap technology. To start designing a new site, you need to choose a theme, which is a set of prepared blocks of different formats and purposes. 


First of all, if you compare with online platforms you will have to buy hosting, domain yourself from third-party services to go online with your web resource. There is no convenient online control panel, so if you want to make some changes on your site you will have to upload new files to hosting.

The customization opportunities are quite limited if you work with Mobirise blocks.


Mobirise is free for personal and commercial use. You get all the key featured right after the installation of the program. To add any additional features (e-commerce elements to sell online, additional themes to find a perfect design for you, HTML-code editor to add a custom code, a set of pictograms, etc.) you will need to pay for each of them.

Adobe Muse

Offline Website builder software with responsive design, for creating business cards, portfolios, online stores, corporate sites, presentations, and landing pages, there is support for HTML5. This is a visual editor is focused on creating business cards, portfolios, corporate sites, presentations and landing pages.


Adobe Muse is a website builder with a responsive design that does not require writing code. The platform is similar to Photoshop software, which is not typical for this category. To work with the pages does not require special knowledge that will appeal to both beginners and anyone who does not want to embed the code. The system will attract creative people with its interface - graphic designers, artists, freelancers and webmasters. 

 A weekly trial period and training videos are provided by Adobe team, and if you have questions, you can contact technical support. Thanks to HTML5 support, options such as slideshows and widgets, animated effects, navigation, and anchor menus are available. Through integration with Adobe Muse, you can use Typekit fonts, Adobe Stock images, add Google maps, YouTube videos and social networking buttons.


Adobe Muse offers a decent set of functional tools but to get more, sometimes even quite elementary functions, you will have to looks for widgets and plug-ins. Adobe Muse focuses on design mainly, therefore, SEO optimization tools are not developed enough. 

And the biggest disadvantage for today is that on March 26, 2018, Adobe realized the last update of this software. Adobe team offers technical support service only until March 26, 2020. That doesn’t mean that your site will not work, but you will not get new modern features and updates according to nowadays trends. 


The Adobe offers three options: the first with full platform functionality, The Adobe Muse CC Single App software for $ 14.99 for a month. To get premium functionality to choose the Business Plan account – $ 29.99 for a month. To take Adobe maximum you can get the annual Creative Cloud subscription, which includes the entire line of applications or $ 49.99 per month.

Conclusion on the offline website builders

In fact, all the disadvantages of offline website builder software are that starting a website with their help will be more difficult and will take little longer, however you will get a professional, fully owned by you, web resource, free for any modifications and changes. Therefore, to create serious websites with a perspective of further development and enrichment of functionality we would recommend using offline web page builder. Keep in mind that building a website offline makes you totally independent from the internet connection. You can keep working staying in the metro, having a long flight from Madrid to NY or in a small village in one of the developing countries.

But if you want a fast solution, just choose the Wix – a top-rated online website creator for your business. This is only possible with offline web builder software.

Online website builders are the easiest and fastest way to create web pages. They are most often used by beginners because to create a page you just drag the necessary blocks to the pages of your site. You will also be provided with a template, hosting, domain, control panel. And all your sites can be built within half a day. But, despite such an abundance of advantages, the creation of a professional company website on an online website builder often does not make any sense due to a number of quite serious flaws.

We have analyzed the pros and cons of the offline website builder software and online services. Now it’s time or you to choose the best for your business, to find ways of its development and promotion. Think over every step, weigh all the pros and cons and make the right choice. 

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