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While upgrading or building a membership site, there are multiple criteria to consider. The most substantial aspect is the selection of a membership website builder, as well as CMS. A platform developed for organizations will provide appropriate instruments to help customers with upgrading their webspace.  

 In case some are looking at creating a membership website, there is a wide array of site builders which are user-friendly. Some also provide multiple perks to meet the requirements of customers. 

Let's review top-rated membership website builder:

  • Wix
  • Wild Apricot
  • GoCentral
  • Weebly
  • uKit


Wild Apricot 


As far as membership website builders are concerned, Wild Apricot is leading. It is intended precisely for a membership organization; therefore, the platform comprises some extra functions - for example, a booking form, schedule of events, and collection of data. Wild Apricot's design redactor is adjustable considering any customers, and its appearance is as well user-friendly. Furthermore, users may adjust CSS and edit their membership website. The output appears to obtain a stable membership site software and mailing framework so that users may examine and determine their website's comers. And contact them smoothly. Wild Apricot offers six packages considering the financial plan and requirements of the users. It depends on whether they have a sizeable existing organization or their business is small.  

   Wild Apricot offers three tariff plans: 

  1. Free-of-charge, restricted option, comprises ad banners;

  2. The Basic package is a minimum of $40 for a month;

  3. The costless package is accessible. 

This membership website builder is all-inclusive, and their feature-set is focused on creating a membership. Unsurprisingly Wild Apricot obtains a large group - for example, organizations, commercial and non-commercial associations, mental wellness alliances, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, and other. Furthermore, users may utilize this subscription website builder's 30-day trial option. 



  • This membership site builder provides an excellent kit of functions which users require for running their membership, contact option, and installation of a fee. Furthermore, users may get multiple subscriptions;

  • One of the best membership site platforms, Wild Apricot, comes up with everything needed for the non-commercial business. The subscription directory permits members to preestablish sections with access. The customers may follow the subscription sections, ZIP codes, and payments for membership. The electronic validation mails may as well be customized; 

  • Subscriptions’ running functions. The progressive membership control comprises subscription recurrences, contents limitations, members control, and subscription catalog perks;

  • Online fees. The reimbursement proceeding options involve secure tax handling, newsgathering, shipping, and others;

  • Mobile phone applications. This particular perk is on the list because of its convenience. It offers consumers the capacity to run their top membership sites via the smartphone; 
  • Membership site builder. This platform's software admits users either creating a website with membership and user login or references the existing subscription website to Wild Apricot-made pitch.


  • The user account appearance imitates the  old-fashioned CMS and may appear perplexing; 

  • Messed up platform. In a dry matter, the membership website builder’s site is disordered. Although there are multiple details for newbies willing to launch a website, they are still compelled to switching the tabs to please the interest; 

  • Restricted website transferring and upgrading options. The relocating of formerly extant sites has to be accomplished page by page. In its turn, Wild Apricot is achievable exclusively as a placed app so that it is not possible to establish it on separate PCs.


Overall, this subscription website builder may be utilized for multiple purposes. Members may either exploit Wild Apricot for building ordinary membership sites or member control operating system. 




As far as the membership site platforms are concerned, Wix stands out of the crowd. The principal argument for its recognition is serving a wide array of sections on the Wix-produced membership site. With Wix, users may build either a custom or a profit website. It involves the food serving establishment sites, blogs, and membership groupings. 

Wix offers two tariff plans: 

  • The costless program comprises advertisements;

  • Standard tariff plan is a minimum of $4.50 for one month. 




  • This membership site builder provides an App Market so that members may discover free-of-charge and premium applications to attach to their membership website. Several apps involve form creators, live chat plugins, dates planning option, and others; 

  • The Powerhouse software. This website builder’s collection of advanced functions and patterns is increasing in size. Therefore, Wix members have everything needed to create a membership site; 

  • Easy to use platform. The drag-and-drop triggers alongside convenient preset aid users with running their Wix-made website without tech knowledge; 

  • Excellent clients’ assistance. Wix provides straightforward guidelines in files, posts, and video formats. Furthermore, they supply day-and-night support through electronic mail and phone to manage users at every stage. 




  • Adjusting the patterns is troublesome. The website builder removes the existing contents as soon as customers modify the patterns; 

  • Ad banners are widespread at free packages. If a customer wishes to take the advertisement off, he is forced to get a paid subscription; 

  • Blocking of the service. The platform doesn’t permit users to bring out their websites’ details and transfer to separate hosting.




It is an all-inclusive membership site builder which permits users to start the subscription pitch rapidly. Same as Shopify, this service forces members to purchase the Paid Members application so that they can make subscription websites. Right when the site is ready, they obtain the access and may exploit multiple perks afterward. 

Weebly provides four packages - Connect for $8 per month, Pro for $12, Business for $25, and Business Plus for $38. The payments may be proceeded both monthly and annually; in this case, the pricing will differ. If some are newbies on the tech landscape, the Basic package will be the most suitable. Tariff plans may be improved at any time. 



  • The possibility to join members directly to the subscription space. Furthermore, the Weebly's instrument mechanically lifts expired subscribers, remaining the customer's area well-arranged; 

  • The platform provides the best responsive appearance for the redaction of membership sites. Utilizing Weebly's drag-and-drop drafter, customers may personalize the organization's contents; 

  • The Weebly's knowledge in the mobile adaptation of websites is another perk, which makes the platform stand out of the crowd. Besides the Weebly-made sites are intuitive, this website builder also simplifies the process of upgrading the website on-the-go through Weebly application; 

  • E-commerce options. Besides the platform manages the fees proceeding related to the e-commerce shop, it may as well track the customer's stock and exhibit his goods. Therefore, users may effortlessly deliver the goods through Weebly's delivery instrument; 

  • SEO instruments. The dynamic SEO instruments may assist guaranteeing the user's site is discovered both on Google and separate search engines. Alternatively, to establishing multiple extensions, the tools are accessible anytime. Furthermore, Weebly provides tutorials on how to upgrade the membership site. 




  • The platform is not creative. On the contrary to other membership websites examples on the Internet, Weebly doesn’t shed that much efforts into the deployment of up-to-date functions;

  • Restricted and suppressing choice of patterns. There is a maximum of fifty designs to pick at Weebly. Although the templates are not disappointing, this fact doesn’t appeal much to Weebly’s members;

  • Weak specialized websites’ assistance. Weebly is a universal membership site builder, although its feature-set is reduced considering specialized platforms.




This membership website builder is emphasized on rapid creation of sites. This platform's developers have claimed that some make their website in less than one hour. GoCentral is a simple website maker which is mainly aimed at small groupings and alliances. Whereas the options may appear somewhat restricted compared to less cost-effective membership site builder, it simplifies the process of building a free from disorders site here. 




  • This membership site builder provides custom-made patterns for subscription pitches. Most of the designs are intended for museums as they get most of the income from museum visitors; 

  • Safety auxiliary. In case customers have experienced the missing or debased documents, GoCentral's auxiliary may economize much time. The platform provides a tool to load the documents to the cloud daily; 

  • Membership site professionals. GoCentral supplies associations with the opportunity to apply to pro web developers and create a first-class membership site; 

  • Beneficial safekeeping and a range of frequencies. The interface is comfortable and understandable. The membership sites come out attractive and readable for smartphones and desktop versions. 




  • Restricted model and styling personalization. GoCentral doesn’t provide the image editing option;

  • There is no embedded traffic statistics;

  • GoCentral offers only one commercial package. And a local e-commerce store is not modernized; 

  • A restrained number of functions.




This membership site builder doesn't demand any coding experience. What is more, it accomplishes productive tasks mechanically, for example - tracking the customers' footsteps which are accomplished in user-friendly design redactor. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to pick from numerous blocks - for instance, an e-commerce store, a landing page, a custom website, a company website, and a blog. There are also multiple templates intended for following alterations of Ukit-made website. Taking into account numerous extensions, gadgets, and membership site upgrading tools, Ukit appears to be an excellent option for users willing to know how to create a membership website. Furthermore, Ukit also appeals to professionals aiming to obtain a full-featured site. 




  • A user-friendly interface which may be comprehended in a few hours; 

  • Ukit provides numerous website layouts to pick;

  • Members may run their subscription website in some hours. Though some may devote a couple of days if they require an exceptionally developed and uttermost upgraded platform comprising numerous web pages; 

  • The inexpensive costs which are deduced a minimum of 30%; 

  • Integration with Facebook admits users uploading photos and contents to their Ukit-made website. 




  • Multiple similar patterns which decrease the efficient amount immensely; 

  • The site builder provides a 14-days trial, and afterward, Ukit displays advertisements unless a customer purchases a premium package; 

  • The platform restricts to load the existing web pages on the computer for further utilizing; 

  • Somewhat restrained blog and e-commerce shop. The web builder doesn't admit building an online shop involving thousands of web addresses, because every web address is done by hand. 


Here are top-3 handy tips for finding the best website builder:

  1. Examine the costs. The financial plan is an essential aspect of any enterprise. Consequently, select the site builder if you may bear the expense of it;

  2. Check out the site builder’s testimonial on the Internet. The real customers’ reviews may help you better understand if the platform is worthwhile; 

  3. Take a look at the web maker’s portfolio. It is a great way to see if it is suitable for your niche. 

Determining what the most optimal way to choose a website builder is a rigid and perplexing procedure is. It appears issuing to make a smooth matching as there aren’t any standard criteria for an ideal membership site builder. Every human may pick the most appropriate web builder considering his particular compromises. 

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