Jimdo Website Builder Review

Jimdo review: the benefits and drawbacks


Jimdo is a feature-rich website creator with over 20 million active users. The software is an all-in-one solution that enables its customers to create a website from scratch. Jimdo website builder will perfectly suit both beginners and experienced users, offering a convenient and completely understandable interface.


The application’s design is as simple as possible with all the main functions and options available right at hand. It has several modes for making the first draft of the website. The first one is an automatic builder, which will offer design depending on the answers to a simple questionnaire you will need to answer. The second option is also simple – you can effortlessly use top-notch templates, provided by the program to create your first website in no time. Furthermore, you can also use your own CSS templates for setting up your own solution.

What is Jimdo?

Jimdo website builder is handy software that will help you to launch the website within the shortest terms. The app has everything you need to start your blog or online store:

-          Choose a domain name according to your preferences and purchase it

-          Design the whole website easily

-          Craft your own blog

-          Set up an online shop and start selling goods or services


According to Jimdo reviews, you can create your first website in 3 minutes which is surely the fastest content management solution available. The main app’s benefit is that it is able to use AI for launching a personalized solution using the data you provide. In this case, you will get not an empty template but a ready-to-use solution with data and pictures.

It is also worth mentioning that you don’t need to have any programming or coding knowledge to start your website. The utility offers everything needed for complete beginners.

Jimdo websites usually look professional, colorful and easy-to-use. The service is able to assist you in creating an excellent solution that has all the functionality needed for launching online. With the help of the platform, you can create a blog, corporate, e-commerce or video streaming solution, with almost no efforts.

Jimdo pricing: Which one to choose?


 The service offers flexible pricing that will surely suit the needs of any customer.

1.   Play. This is a free plan, where you will be able to create your own solution with no extra payments. You can benefit from all the platform’s features, based on .jimdosite domain.


2.   Start. This option is for those, who are planning to launch a website for the first time. The fee is $9 per month with a free domain available for the first year.


3.   Grow. The Grow plan is the most popular choice, according to Jimdo reviews. It costs $15 per month and includes personal support, visitor’s stats, and basic SEO to rocket launch your business.


4.   E-commerce. This plan will perfectly fit online businesses. It has product variants embedded, as well as no commission for selling goods or services. E-commerce plan requires paying $19 per month.


5.   Unlimited. Being the priciest option that will cost $39 per month, the plan offers countless opportunities for website creation. You will get premium support, professional analytical tools, and unlimited space.


Note: all the plans, except Play, don’t contain any ads.

Jimdo builder pros & cons


Jimdo is an excellent solution with tons of benefits:


  • Custom domain. Feel free to pick up any domain you like for your website. You can either buy a new domain address or choose the one you already possess.

  • Friendly design. The builder can boast of having an easy interface with lots of advanced functions and options to suit any need.

  • Responsive. The platform creates only responsive solutions that will look perfectly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

  • Ads-free. Start your business with a fresh and modern website that is not overloaded with any ads or annoying pop-ups.

  • No programming. The builder is a great choice for beginners, who have no coding experience. AI solution is able to create a whole website for you.

  • Free sign up. To create an account, you will not need to pay a cent. Moreover, one of the tariff plans is completely free.

  • Reasonable pricing. Creating a smart web resource is now affordable for everyone. With a flexible pricing policy, you will easily choose the best option for personal needs.

  • Integrated editor. You can edit and update your website anytime. With an embedded editor, you will be able to add product descriptions or post articles in just a few clicks.

  • Secure. Jimdo builder uses HTTPS encryption that is completely safe. Your data will be securely protected by the highest industry standards.

  • Lots of designs. Tired of boring and standard templates? Feel free to choose any modern and up-to-date template from the builder’s enormous base.

  • Best SEO tools for 2019. Lack of SEO knowledge? Not a problem! Jimdo is always ready to help you improve your Google rankings.


However, Jimdo still has a few drawbacks:

Some users require more unique templates for creating personal websites. However, most customers are completely satisfied with the service provided by Jimdo.

Jimdo Features: What makes the builder unique?


  • Widgets. You can add third-party widgets to your personal website in a matter of seconds. By the way, colorful galleries and YouTube widgets will make your solution look even better.

  • Social media. Adding social media icons for the quick integration with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is available. Moreover, it is really easy to set up.

  • Monetization. Using banners, pop-ups or other types of ads is allowed. Google AdSense can be also integrated into your website.

  • Templates. Jimdo website builder offers countless templates for creating an online solution. You can also download your own CSS themes to make your website look even more unique.

  • Navigation. The program offers two sub-levels for easy navigation through your website. As a rule, depth is enough.

  • Payment solutions. Jimdo has its own system for managing the orders, as well as various payment options.

  • Contact form. The builder offers customizable contact forms with all the fields editable. You can design your forms in any way you prefer.

  • Blog. Blogging functionality is rich and easy-to-use. The builder has all the utilities for convenient blogging with no limitations.

  • Storage space. Different plans have a various amount of storage space available. The free plan allows using 500 MB of free space, while the Unlimited plan has absolutely no limitations on space you can use.

  • Protection. Depending on the plan you choose, there is a different number of pages you can securely protect with a password. Not to mention, your blog can be also protected with a password.

  • Statistics. Jimdo has an embedded visitor’s counter and simple Google Analytics for tracking users’ actions on your website.  

  • Pro design analysis. The Unlimited plan offers a free analysis of the program’s design experts to make sure it has the best performance and top-notch interface with no misprints, bugs or other issues. This will make your website look absolutely brilliant and get an even higher number of sales.

Jimdo review: speed and security


Jimdo has the services located in the USA, Europe, and Japan, offering an exceptionally high downloading speed and server response. According to speed tests, the websites, created with the help of the platform, show perfect user experience and speed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Jimdo: design functions and templates


Jimdo has two modes for creating your website. Both are as simple, as 1-2-3.

  1. Dolphin mode. The platform can create a website according to your needs. It uses AI to collect the data you provide and set up a perfectly-looking website, with all the data filled out automatically. In case you share your social media profiles, the builder will use the information from these sources, too. Therefore, the application guarantees the fastest possible way of creating your website. You will only need to polish your draft and make some minor changes for publishing it online.

  2. Creator mode. This mode is a classical option of any content management system that offers to create a website with the help of the pre-designed template. The only thing you will need to do is to choose a template and fill it out with the required information. You are also allowed to add media and third-party widgets. This mode has lots of opportunities – the users are able to create a unique product according to their personal needs and expectations. Using widgets allow making the website look completely original and enjoy using all the modern features with no coding.

Jimdo support – What to expect?


First of all, the Jimdo website builder has a great FAQ, where you can easily find the answers to the most common questions of the tool’s users. You can browse along the categories to get the answers to the issues faster. The categories include Basic, E-commerce, Blog, Domain, Design, SEO and My Jimdo.


Second, the platform has a useful blog. The blog offers plenty of articles for beginners and pro users with lots of tips and tricks for web development and promotion.


Third, the builder has an email support system. The users of most plans might need to wait for a couple of business days to get the answers to their questions, while the customers of the Unlimited plan are likely to get the response in less than 1 hour. The program’s support is available 24/7. Although the application has no support via phone, emailing support team is working perfectly. 

According to Jimdo reviews, the customer’s support is friendly and easy to reach. As a rule, you will not need to wait for several business days to get the answer to your question – the manager is likely to reach you in less than a few hours. That is why you will be able to solve any issue within the shortest terms.

Jimdo – SEO and Marketing tools


Jimdo has everything needed for basic search engine optimization. Therefore, feel free to:

  • Analyze your keywords

  • Optimize page descriptions

  • Edit page titles

  • Create URL redirects

  • Use meta tags

  • Optimize images

  • Create rich snippets

  • Connect to Facebook and Google analytics

  • See the number of website’s visitors

  • Check the website’s Google rankings


Generally, not only you get an opportunity to create a website but also boost your search engine rankings. The basic optimization allows significantly improving your SEO scores and attracting new clients in an easier way. Create an unforgettable website and publish it online along with being visible to web crawlers.

Jimdo Widgets – the best options to integrate with your website


Jimdo website builder allows adding your favorite widgets on the fly. The number of supported utilities is really amazing. Here are the most common widgets, used by millions of users:


·         Animoto – create slideshows from pictures, photos, and video

·         Soundcloud – add media to your website in a single click

·         Infogr.am – use bright visual charts and graphs

·         Bannersnack – create unique banners for your website

·         Google Calendar – top-notch time-managements tool for any needs

·         Resmio – convenient reservation an booking system

·         MailChimp – one of the most popular newsletter services globally

·         Tidio Live Chat – wonderful chatting utility for communication with the clients

·         PamBill – managing invoices solution

·         Spectoos – the system for showing socially proven review on your website

·         Polldaddy – the best tool for creating polls and surveys


This list of services that can be combined with a web builder is not complete. There are dozens of different solutions that are able to integrate with the website creator. 

Jimdo payment options for your website


The builder offers different payments options that can be used on the website you create. The program allows embedding most popular payment services, including PayPal, credit card payments, invoice, Stripe, local delivery and pickup, payment in advance, as well as collect on delivery. Feel free to choose any option or use several payment methods on your website.

As a result, your customers will be able to use any payment method that is convenient for them personally. This makes your web resource more user-friendly and flexible. The truth is that in case the visitors can’t find a convenient way to pay, they might leave without any purchase. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use different payment options for improving sales rates.

Jimdo discounts and promo codes


In case you would like to save your money, it is recommended to follow Jimdo on social media and subscribe to its newsletter. This way, you will be able to keep in touch with sales and promotions, offered by the company. Moreover, you will be the first to know about the freshest program’s features and innovations.

As for the promotions, the best time to get your discount is usually public holidays and special occasions. The service might reduce its prices or offer special options for free during these periods. However, the discounts vary and are constantly changing. However, the basic pricing for the service is still affordable, so you can start using it right now and create your first website within the shortest terms.

Jimdo – Is it worth trying?


Analyzing the data of Jimdo review, the application is highly recommended for both newbies and expert website developers. The program has a smooth interface and highly-rated performance along with a whopping number of functions, utilities, templates, options, and widgets available for all users. The program will be useful for business, e-commerce, portfolio, blogging, and scalability.

If you are new to the world of website development, you will surely find the service comprehensive and understandable. In case you’ve already tried other similar services, Jimdo will offer you tons of various functions that are not available in other content management systems. Therefore, the program is a universal utility suitable for people with different purposes and web building experience.

Compared to its main competitors, the app represents a win-win combination of quality service and high downloading speed. The websites, created by the means of the builder, usually look stunning and attract more visitors. In case you are looking for a simple, cheap and convenient software for creating a website for any need, the program will surely exceed your expectations.

Jimdo User Reviews


Kevin Bill, blogger:

In my viewpoint, Jimdo is the best system for beginner bloggers. The program’s interface is incredibly easy while adding new posts is exceptionally fast. The service is surely the right choice for me!


Jane Richardson, online shop owner:

I used Jimdo for creating my online shop for selling hand-made accessories. The excellent platform that is really simple and convenient. I’ve spent just a couple of hours to create my own e-commerce solution and started selling in no time! Highly recommended for those, who want to launch their own business.


Megan Brown, co-founder of online service:

We’ve been doing business for years and decided to update our corporate website. Choosing Jimdo was not accidental – we carefully studied its advantages to make sure it will suit all our needs. Now, we are completely satisfied with the service. All the website’s pages look up-to-date and neat.


John Mills, user:

I’ve used the web builder for launching my personal website. I’m a photographer and required the best possible media utilities for representing my portfolio. With the highest-quality functions for adding and editing images, photos, and video, Jimdo perfectly fits all my needs. If you would like to create a personalized website to attract more visitors and customers, it is definitely the most suitable builder.

Jimdo FAQ


How to create a blog with Jimdo?


To begin with, you will need to create an account and choose the type of web resource you would like to create. For this purposes, click on Blog option in the program’s main menu. After that, activate our blog to open all the extended functions and options for easy blogging.


Adding posts to your blog is really simple. Choose Blog – Main – Posts to add your first post. Note: you can edit and update your posts whenever you need. Even in case you successfully posted your article, you can effortlessly edit or delete it without any limitations. Adding pictures and images will make your blog more colorful and is likely to attract more visitors. 


Jimdo how to change the website name free?


With Jimdo you can easily choose any domain name you like. However, your individual domain name can’t be changed. It is an important feature since all your visitors will be able to see your website with the same address. In case you change your domain name, the visitors will still come to the old domain and will not see your website anymore.

How to add a forum to Jimdo?

You can add a forum to your website by receiving your unique forum embed code. To insert the code, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Jimdo account.

  2. Add a new page and save it using the Forum title

  3. Click the Forum link on the navigation bar

  4. Choose + Add Element.

  5. Сhoose the More Elements and Add-ons and click on <> Widget/HTML.

  6. Copy and paste the forum embed code to the required text box

  7. Save the changes and enjoy using a new forum page on your website

What type of website is Jimdo?


It is a reliable solution for building unique websites for personal needs. The program is a content management system with hosting services available for reasonable prices. The application has been present on the market since 2007 and remains to be one of the most popular solutions in the area. The app has millions of clients, who have been using the tool’s functionality for years.


How to make mobile navigation on Jimdo?


Navigation on the web builder allows adding, deleting, copying, hiding, moving and linking the page externally. These functions are available both on desktop and mobile versions of the web builder. By the way, the mobile version is available both for Android and iOS gadgets. Therefore, you can make mobile navigation right on the screen of your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

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