Best Free Ecommerce Website Builders

The best free ecommerce website builders


Free ecommerce website builders classify selling compounds on the Internet, receive the bookings, and manage fees. A few of them maintain limitless goods, some restrict the list of inventions, though they afford extra benefits like mass communications integration and various instruments for bloggers. Nowadays, there’s a plentiful supply of ways to build an ecommerce stock. Obviously, the best free ecommerce website builder fitting some enterprise may not be approachable for another. One marketer unites selling within the shop and networked trading, whereas the rest of sales clerks require improved mass media instruments in preference to appending the stock to their blog. Let’s consider the leading shopping websites which don’t have the initial fee: 

  1. Big Cartel

  2. Wix

  3. Shopify

  4. BigCommerce

  5. Squarespace

  6. Volusion


Big Cartel


Almost a billion manufacturers, architects, and composers work with Big Cartel to make an exclusive networked shop, as well as manage their enterprises. Gifted humans have applied to this platform for a long time because of Big Cartel’s instinctive instruments, as well as sources to make an individual ecommerce stock, operate and trade their products, and manage the ecommerce at discretion.


  • The resource is aimed at pleasing the requirements of the autonomous experts. Big Cartel’s main intention - is to supply the inventors with the ecommerce operating system attending the mechanical issues as well;

  • A customer can experience the tools endlessly by running a Gold package which is permanently gratis, and there’s no need to leave your bank card data anywhere;

  • A user can set the shades and fonts for ready-made templates effortlessly;

  • Big Cartel has step-by-step guidelines to assist customers with rapid ecommerce store customizing;

  • The platform has the mediator applications integration, which improves the web store efficiently. Its developers regularly supplement the resource with advanced instruments with the purpose customers’ enterprise evolve systematically; 

  • The users aren’t compelled to make a profile for buying intentions. There’s an option on Big Cartel to purchase products, as well as to give money for them without authorizing. Furthermore, any personal data left on the site remains confidential; 

  • The resource is adaptable for smartphones that facilitates the process of operating the online store through a telephone together with a pad. 



  • The invention restriction. The packages afford a maximum of 300 goods that may seem too narrow considering all marketers; 

  • Free of charge package limits. This tariff plan disallows the HTML code edition, as well as making discounting codings; 

  • Restricted mass media sharing issue. Customers can only integrate with Facebook, any other mass communication integrations are impossible;

  • The search feature is missing. Users can’t search the goods using the search line on the website, as well as sorting instrument; 

  • Pictures hosting is missing; 

  • The mechanized delivery adding machine is missing; 

  • The included calculator of expenses is restricted. 




Since a significant number of working websites are presently working with BigCommerce free ecommerce platform with the aim to trade the products, as well as receive the fee via the Web, it’s worth suggesting that BigCommerce supplies the functional interface considering customers’ shopping sentiments. The platform’s characteristics begin with free ecommerce website builder as long as it admits to make e commerce sites remaining a newcomer in the tech field. Moreover, BigCommerce has become trendy due to its sophisticated cart and numerous fee admissions.



  • The platform has a plentiful reserve of integrations;

  • Any favorable circumstances for running the goods on the website, receiving fees via the Internet; 

  • Customizing delivery options. The adjustable arrangement of expenses, as well as transshipping characteristics, guarantee that there’ll not be any necessity for customers to switch midst their business lines considering their shopping organization;

  • Sellers can adjust every step of the check-out procedure, starting from setting pictures and ending with step-by-step guidelines for users for handling the work;

  • The instrument for neglectful cart preservation - is an excellent option for attracting visitors back to the ecommerce store.


  • The free ecommerce web builder is mainly passive considering characteristics appeals, which may seem problematic to users who aim to legitimize prices; 

  • The probability of modifying the order status to personal expectations;

  • It’ll require great unskilled customers’ efforts to induce inconsiderable edits as it’s required among moderate sellers;

  • There are some flaws in the work of some design alteration functions;

  • A restricted quantity of yearly networked buyings that a customer can operate;

  • The templates are mostly alike at the free package. 


In general, BigCommerce fits small-scale businesses, so you have to decide beforehand to what extent you want your company to grow. Otherwise, it’ll get costly if you exceed an assured quantity of buying. 




It’s considered to be one of the leading free ecommerce websites on the Web. It’s explained by the fact that this site builder offers multiple built-in functions. That means that the customer won’t be constrained to buy high-priced additional apps using particular ecommerce application stock for that. Volusion suggests all things starting from price options and ending with goods narration. The platform is SEO adapted, and its customers can enjoy the Amazon Marketplace and eBay intuitive integrations. With the help of the live cart function, the ecommerce shop holders are capable of overviewing the processing an order operation. The updated one-page check-out procedure has been certified to diminish the dropped shopping carts’ number in the customer’s ecommerce stock.  



  • In case the customer is not currently sitting at his laptop, he can manage his ecommerce shop distantly. It happens due to Volusion’s tools which admit users to monitor the entering commissions and track the stock levels;

  • The platform submits the accession to the far-reaching guidelines plan full of tutorship on how to build e commerce web site, as well as to run the ecommerce store;

  • Volusion’s technical support is the most responsive among the competitors.
    Although it is day-and-night, it can also be held through any of the existing methods of communication. The support is provided to all customers regardless of the pricing package;

  • The free of charge SSL certificate. There’s nothing like extra fee charged for this privilege. Moreover, the SSL certificates this platform suggests, are valid.


  • The blog section is missing. However, blogging takes the lead among the compelling ecommerce instruments essential for the advanced brand’s optimization;

  •  The platform has selling restrictions that may seem ambiguous for flourishing companies;

  • Though Volusion has presented more new features since it has increased prices, the costs of the updated packages are expensive.

Overall, Volusion provides its users with excellent functions that are considered to be beneficial. Due to multiple reviews on the Net, it has been highly advised on giving Volusion’s free package a run. Last but not least, a customer can get integrated with the transshipping deliverers that are based in the USA. They also should be no more concerned about their goods importing limits. 




It’s a superior e-commerce websites builder. It assists entrepreneurs, as well as ordinary humans, make a free ecommerce stock. The platform's well-arranged patterns, impressive administering instruments, and prime mobile-friendly applications advise the customers on developing from minor traders to ecommerce authority level. 



  • Trading through numerous mass media channels;

  • The well-to-do stockpile system assisting customers with managing the web store;

  • Top selling functions. Shopify has necessary instruments a user may require, like penetrating tracking, fee receivings, multi-channeled unification, and a dropped cart restoration; 

  • Selling platforms integration. Shopify lets clients consolidate the ecommerce stock with super colossal channels; 

  • A user may customize his ecommerce store and produce the dropped cart electronic mails so that the chances to lose potential buyers automatically decrease; 

  • Security aspect. The Shopify vendors are defended at the time they are managing bank card undertakings. In the case of the accident, the bank is responsible;

  • International delivery. The platform provides its customers with whatever assistance they require so that they may attain shipping smoothly and productively.



  • Clients are enforced to design a storefront amid a redactor and an instrument panel, tapping halfway these two points may be problematic;

  • Shopify puts a rule its purchasing charge using Shopify Payments; 

  • The text self-transformation feature is missing whilst a customer is shifting to another template;

  • The efficient broadcasting performance can only be available at premium subscriptions; 

  • Shopify Payments tool admits trading from particular outlands. In case the customer plans to clinch the deal from a restricted country, he'll get forced to run mediator gateway.


In general, Shopify is matchless for humans who desire to run an autonomic website for ecommerce selling, as well as in substantial placing. This feature would be an excellent option for those who aim to transshipping. 




It's a multifaceted free ecommerce site builder. By putting Wix to use, a customer can make a free e commerce store. Working with a free package, some may take pleasure in tapping functions, pick one out of 500 active patterns, as well as have admission to the first-class Wix Admission Service. Considering an expansive range of site builders, Wix is the most multipurpose. Its consumers exploit the ready-made operating system, as well as instruments. Every custom store is kept on Wix’s servers. The main intention of the platform - is in assisting newcomers in obtaining personal sites without appointing a developer.



  • Wix is elementary to work with. The newcomers are capable of building the cheapest ecommerce website instantaneously;

  • There are no commission taxes;

  • The good patterns. Wix’s sketches are uncommon; furthermore, they submit ready-made designs considering multiple styles; 

  • Implementing of animations. Customers may have the content moving;

  • Application store. Wix has a newsweekly instrument, live support operating system, networked reservation appliance; 

  • The automated website reservation. 



  • The financial issue. The cheapest tariff plan begins with $13 for one month. The contestants propose more reasonable alternatives for a free from ads product; 

  • Wix’s patterns are problematic to modify. As soon a user has applied a primary theme, he can’t select a brand-new design anymore; 

  • The narrow range of flexible product features to customize; 

  •  Wix was rather developed for making classic sites than ecommerce;

  • A customer is constrained to subscribe to the paid plan unless he can initiate his ecommerce stock on Wix. 


Wix turns out to be a universal shopping platform which functions worldwide alongside traditional legal regulations, confidentiality terms, installments of fee, as well as the specification of products. Security and prestige - are decisive advantages of the Wix platform. 




This ecommerce site builder’s initial purpose is to provide customers with a good web store. The platform is highly efficient for ecommerce functions. Squarespace’s operating goods or supplies arrangement has been improved, and the excellent suggestions have been supplemented. Moreover, the platform affords to reserve various goods like essential material compounds as well as digital loads and services. Squarespace works with Xero auditing operating system so that a user can have full function selling platform. Users can get an outstanding Internet shop due to multiple patterns in addition to the excellent pitch for running their ecommerce.



  • Profound adjusting options;

  • The probability of selling the boundless number of goods, gift vouchers, and software;

  • There’s no charge for money operations with virtual shop package;

  • The platform has the unequaled number of features that facilitate your client’s purchasing process.



  • The money operations functions are limited. The platform approves money paid only via such fees converting instruments as PayPal, Venmo, and Stripe. So the customer is forced to setup several accounts to receive payment;

  • The customer is restricted in his capacity to globalize because of language issues as well as delivery options; 

  • The platform is disabled to unify multiple trading canals; 

  • In spite of the fact that a customer has a capacity to include a lot of data considering every commodity of his resource, he is restrained from importing a large number of goods to his website; 

  • User can retail up to 50 goods. Otherwise, they’ll be forced to apply to another Squarespace’s package; 

  • The platform restrains users at exploiting The Xero bookkeeping operation system. 

However, Squarespace calls for a few agrees, it has good fame among free virtual store builders. 

Building an online store is beneficial in comparison to managing a substantial shop: any renting issues, the ability to attain customers in online mode. However, to succeed, you have to put the same effort into launching the e-commerce business as you would for the substantial one. You’ll require a high-quality and useful product, a straightforward site, and a strong marketing strategy.
Before picking up the best platform for building an online store, define the aims of your site. There are plentiful e-commerce superstore builders, and it depends on a customer which functions are beneficial for his enterprise. For instance, examine the following points: blogging category, images section, e-commerce shop, booking procedure, feedback form, and so on. In case you’re uncertain concerning your demand, examine the competitors’ situation. In the end, you have to ensure that the site builder you pick, can operate your desires as far as your e-commerce improves.

There’s a range of aspects to consider when making the e-commerce store - for example, fixing the goods and the costs to the point of creating the site. It is a procedure which can either take a little while or be time-consuming - dependant on what are the terms of building a website. You can create it by yourself or apply to relevant website builders that don’t require your technical skills. Remaining will be determined on when you prefer to commence work. You will need several hours to get acquainted with each of site builders, but besides this, the procedure of building an online store will only depend on you.

It is important to pick such a free e-commerce builder that will provide the customer with a good SEO perspective. As far as the free e-commerce builders are considered, you can’t redefine the restrictions of software and are compelled to charge more to get this perk. Currently, Shopify is deemed to perform effectively, as well as execute the SEO methods.
However it may seem flawless to run an e-commerce business, that’s a delusion. The majority of clients nonetheless desire to attend substantial shops due to the capacity to touch the fabrics before purchasing. Moreover, shipping is costly and time-consuming while most customers wish to get the required goods or services at once. In case the clients are not satisfied with your product, you have to offer the refund. That'll be resource intensive for your e-business. 

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