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Cheap website builders – what are they and how cheap exactly?

Nobody can deny that not having own site today for a business is nearly as equal as saying that this business does not exist at all. This is especially true for sales businesses, which are oriented at sales of the goods of long-term usage (not like a food court on the street selling soups or pancakes – for those businesses, it is absolutely normal not to have a site, as they have nothing to offer to online users but the address of location, which is not the goal of creating a site). Especially if you render services to the population, it is important to tell about them and to highlight the nuances, which people need to know or may be interested in before visiting your office.

No matter, if you decide to start a site for your business or just for personal needs, you need a reliable website builder to make it initiated. Another meaningful criterion is the price – as not a secret that the restricted budget is one of the most relevant selection parameters for a starting businessman or for a person who simply counts own money well and doesn’t want to overpay.

In today’s article, we are considering 8 most relevant cheapest ways to build a website – online builders, which can help anyone have a site. Some of them offer fast speed of creating it, while others are oriented at price over everything other. There are also builders, which offer great functionality – but you should know that you cannot take the maximum from a cheap plan of subscription (the best set of features always gravitates towards the high-cost options).

We are presenting for your attention some brief description of 8 ways how to make a cheap website using builders, highlight some important pros and cons, price, and – sometimes – our considerations about the expedience of this or that cheap website builder from the point of view of price and functions it allows doing. 


A website builder: free run and prices

It is possible to use a free run of the cheapest way to start a website offered by an online builder – some of them even offer it on an endless basis. But the quality of this isn’t going to be high, as even top-rated low-cost website builders give pretty much nothing in such a plan:

  • limited basics like storage space, bandwidth a month (the amount of traffic, which visitors to your website can use cumulatively), the number of pages, and no free domain

  • commercials of a cheap website builder shown all over the pages of a site – sometimes, even several ones per 1 page – which really fast exhausts the bandwidth, making a handful of people only a month able to see your website 

  • no premium features like nice templates, integration abilities, cool apps, going into HTML or CSS/JS, mobile-friendliness, SEO, support of customers, metrics of the website, money for the commercial, online cheap e-commerce website design, and other features. 

What you do have in cheap custom websites is often boiled down to a few pages per only 1 website in general, some 0.05-0.5 Gb storage and around 1 Gb bandwidth, heavyweight ads flooding your pages, no customer support, no friendliness to mobile or tablet screens, branded subdomain looking too humiliating and awkward like “www.thecheapwebsitebuildersname/your-free-domain/free/mega-free/this-guy-doesn’t-pay-us-at-all-so-don’t-give-him-your-money/your-free-[website-name].html”. As a rule, you are only able to influence the variable part of the name that is taken in braces []. (We might be exaggerating the name but still, the principle is like this.) 

The free run does everything so to humiliate you and not even closely allow you any features that a regular website should have. So, running it for free, you lose over 95% of capabilities that a non-free usage allows. 

And that’s the main difference of the endless free plan from a try-and-buy period, which is limited to 2-4 weeks: in a try-and-buy, you aren’t limited as harshly and, usually, nearly 100% of the real volume of functionality is given to you to allow estimating the features. The task of this trial is to seduce you to buy the as great plan as possible. The free run’s task is to make you feel as limited and restrained as possible so to make you buy at least any subscription.


Which are currently the best 8 inexpensive website builders?

We are going to look at the eight options listed below:

  1. Weebly

  2. Site123

  3. Wix


  5. Strikingly

  6. 1&1 IONOS

  7. Godaddy

  8. Squarespace

Bear in mind that not always in our reviews we are going to list all pricing plans of this or that cheapest website builder – just because we are mostly interested in this article specifically in cheap pricing, not the entire pricing. Our readers interested in the entire pricing grid of a particular builder, which we haven’t covered in this article, can find it on a pricing page of a builder they’re allured to.


Looking at Weebly inexpensive websites builder 

Weebly is one of the obvious choices when someone is searching for a site builder for no money, as it offers a free-run plan. You don’t pay for its usage – and you are not getting any powerful functionality in return. Pretty fair and allows to have only a feel of ‘gulp of freedom’, which you are going to be offered in fullest as you pay up to 30 Euros a month to run it on a monthly basis with all features.


The indubitable benefits of the site builder Weebly:

  1. Powerful drag-and-drop functionality, which allows coming up with a decent result with only a few hours even if you haven’t been using any builder like this in the past.

  2. A lot of beautifully executed themes to start work with are so great and enthralling.

  3. It is possible to start a really cheap store – for only 10 Euros a month.


Undershoots of the site builder Weebly:

  1. Even when you pay (a plan named ‘Connect’ for 5 Euros a month), you get too limited functionality – only 500 Mb of storage space, SEO, custom domain, a possibility to build forms, and some customer support.


The expenses for the site builder Weebly:

  1. Run it for free – as long as you want – with 500 Mb of storage space, basic SEO, and no good custom domain (and with Weebly’s ads all over your website).

  2. For a very low price of 5 Euros a month, get yourself a custom domain – but only if you pay for a year.

  3. A very cozy yet cheap store online starts with only 10 Euros a month – it’s one of the best solutions on the market.


Looking at Site123 site builder 

It offers a free run – with 1 Gb bandwidth, 500 Mb storage, and a subdomain inside of a Site123 domain. 


The indubitable benefits of the builder Site123:

  1. Excellent support center but we’d be really glad if we didn’t have to resort to the help center’s assistance in the matter of pricing. 

  2. Design assistance feature, which willingly leads you through the first design of yours.


Undershoots of the site builder Site123:

  1. Unclear pricing, which only shows 2 pricing plans, while it has actually 4 of them – and to get the one right, you have to ask additional questions from their support team.

  2. Poor flexibility of designs and one has to struggle to make more than just basic edits, which is not cool at all to make the design creativity of users to blossom.


The expenses for the site builder Site123:

Run it for free for any time – with largely limited storage and bandwidth, as well as a branded domain name, which is not good for SEO promotion of a website. 


Looking at Wix site builder 

Wix is a cheap website maker, which does not offer a free run. It does offer you to start, however, with only 4.50 dollars a month (sometimes, $5, depending on your current location, as we saw as the price changes from territory to territory).


The indubitable benefits of the best low-cost website builder Wix:

  1. Over 500 themes to use. They are adjustable, categorized, and highly diverse.

  2. ADI – artificial design intelligence – is to make a website in seconds. 

  3. Own app store with thousands of pieces of apps there.


Undershoots of the site builder Wix:

  1. Friendliness to mobile or tablet screens is not embedded in just every template. 

  2. Some themes are paid (either as a one-time payment or on a month-to-month basis). 

  3. Many apps in the integrated store are paid and can significantly increase your monthly payment for the usage (while free ones can also be try-and-buy or not good at all).


The expenses for the site builder Wix:

$4.50 a month is the first solution and, probably, the cheapest way to have a website – but undeniable lack of it is that it gives only 500 megabytes of storage and 1 Gb of bandwidth a month. You can connect a custom good-looking domain (but you have to buy it elsewhere) and you can’t deprive self of all-present Wix branded commercials, which cover a significant part of your pages, are terribly high-weight and will not let your website to look like a pro.

Another ‘may-be-good-to-use’ plan is $8.50 a month – without branding, more storage & bandwidth, as well as a good custom domain given for free for a year. The rest of paid plans are rather high – starting from $12.50 a month ending with $35 a month.


Looking at site builder 

One of the most popular platforms in a world to make and host websites is WordPress. Its two versions – and – embrace over 30% of the entire bulkiness of websites on the Internet globally. That’s a very impressive figure given that it accounts for 500+ millions of websites in general. 

The drastic difference between and is that the first platform is for people with great coding skills and ones who want to deal with the installation of additional software on their PCs. Another is for users without any skills, who can work and desire to work only online, in a builder with convenient drag-and-drop. This one, second, is an easier yet still powerful system.


The indubitable benefits of the site builder 

  1. A big set of impressive templates, which allow anyone to look like a pro from the very beginning.

  2. It has two low-cost plans, lowering the threshold of the entrance to the market really significantly.

  3. It offers a free run.

  4. Not as big sophistication of work as in


Undershoots of the site builder

  1. Take into account that, the same as Weebly, does not work on some territories of the world, which are considered international financial or political outcasts. 

  2. Not as cool flexibility of page designs as in

  3. To monetize, you have to go with ‘Premium’ package.


The expenses for the site builder

  1. Run for free – with this set of features: no support, no domain name, 3 Gb storage, a few dozen free themes, no good design customization, ads of the site builder on your website.

  2. 3 Euros a month give these: ‘.blog’ domain, support via e-mail and 6 Gb of storage, better work with the design of pages & no ads.

  3. 5 Euros a month for ‘Personal’ give a custom domain for 1 year for free, more great features in functionality and design, nice support through e-mails and live chat, and the rest mentioned in the previous package.

Other three packages, which it has, offer a bigger cost – from 8 to 45 Euros a month, and so, we are not considering them now.


Looking at Strikingly cheap website builder 

Strikingly is another cheap representative on the market. It does pretty much as other cheap website templates do. However, this cheap website developer has a major difference from them – it offers to create 1-page sites, which contain collectively the entire information, which is normally distributed between differing pages of regular websites (like ‘About Us’, ‘Our Products’, ‘Policy’, and others). Such a mixture done by this cheap website building tool is not quite comprehensible for SEO promotion, analysis of visitors, and neither it is good for customer satisfaction. If you have seen such websites before and were delighted about them – well, maybe, Strikingly is your lucky strike. 


The indubitable benefits of the cheap website builder Strikingly:

  1. A possibility to sell online for free – the best inexpensive website builder’s option of e-commerce ever, up to date.

  2. Availability of a free package.

  3. A lot of great features in paid plans – including a possibility to edit HTML, CSS, JS, protect a website with a password, have as many pages as you want, any number of storage and bandwidth.


Undershoots of the cheap website builder Strikingly:

  1. The structure of pages is not quite good – instead of a regular website with several pages, the entire information is placed on one page, just in different blocks. That makes the structure rigid but not good for user experience or for stats of visitors.

  2. Creating pages is not a simple task, as you have to constantly switch between views of your working area and dashboard.


The expenses for the cheap website builder Strikingly:

There are only two approachable payment plans that worth considering in a low-cost strategy:

  • ‘Free’ plan – gives a branded subdomain, any number of free websites but no advanced websites, 5 Gb bandwidth (which is several times bigger than in the most part of other cheap website builders on the market), 1 product to sell online, and support in 24/7 regimen. 

  • ‘Limited’ starting from $7 a month (ending with $12) gives a custom domain, any number of simple websites and 2 premium ones, 50 Gb bandwidth, a store with up to 5 products per 1 website, and great support with 24/7 regimen.


Looking at 1&1 IONOS cheap website builder 

The only reason why quite an expensive website builder such as 1&1 IONOS is on our list is that now it offers a very alluring promo price equal to 1 dollar a month.


The indubitable benefits of the cheap website builder 1&1 IONOS:

  1. Current promo price makes it the most luring paid option on the market. At least, for 1 month, until promo ends.

  2. Nice set of features – but nothing extraordinary, which you wouldn’t find in other builders.


Undershoots of the cheap website builder 1&1 IONOS:

  1. Not great value for money – it should have been cheaper to reach the level of other cheap website builders.

  2. The flexibility of design is really so-so.

  3. Not always helping and expedient help center and its workers.

  4. Average ease of use.


The expenses for the cheap website builder 1&1 IONOS:

You do pay only 1 buck to get things started – but only for the 1st month, after which you are charged $5 monthly. The rest of its pricing plans are rather high: 15, 25, and 45 dollars a month for an online store, which differs in strengths for the indicated money.

For 5 bucks, you get:

  • Modern pre-defined templates

  • 1 free domain paid for a year and 5 emails branded with the name of your website

  • Widgets of social media

  • A possibility to create and run multilingual websites.


Looking at Godaddy cheap website builder 

This cheapest way to create a website has one of the longest try-and-buy periods on the market: 30 days. When you’re making any purchase, they are added to the main term of time. Thus, for instance, instead of 1 year, you receive 13 months (if you pay right at the start of the period, not at its end). 

This cheap website creator is a great time-saver when it comes to making websites really fast. The tool has the design assistance feature, which, combined with its marvelous drag-and-drop, allows even super-novice users to create a decent piece of work. But do not expect to make something terribly complex using this online tool – this is not its primary destination.


The indubitable benefits of the cheap website builder Godaddy:

  1. Very fast to create a website on your own, with completely amazing speed.

  2. Free SSL and friendliness to mobile screens in every type of subscription. 

  3. Support works in the 24/7 regimen, so you don’t have to wait for business hours of some country to begin so an operator to start working on your issue, lagging days behind the time you need it.


Undershoots of the cheap website builder Godaddy:

  1. The kinda weak set of features and design flexibility – they were sacrificed to make way to amazing ease of making sites.

  2. The help center is not the best, softly speaking. We can estimate it as 1 star out of 10.


The expenses for the cheap website builder Godaddy:

The entire line of the subscription plans of this tool is rather inexpensive:

  • For $5.99, get the starting package with the features that are listed above

  • For $9.99, get the things in the previous plan + SEO and payments through PayPal

  • For $14.99, get the named plus e-mail marketing, business listing, integration with your social media, and making online appointments

  • For $19.99, get the things in the previous plan + shopping cart with management of the inventory of an online store + sales on the most powerful platforms like Amazon, eBay, a possibility to build in more payment channels, build promos and discounts, taxes and shipping parameters may be configured, and abandoned cart may be recovered.

All mentioned plans are billed annually. 


Looking at Squarespace cheap website builder 

In the list of cheap website builders, Squarespace is the least expensive website builder – as it is not cheap at all. The only thing free here is the free trial – but as it ends, you have to choose one of 4 available plans or to leave Squarespace, as you can’t use it for free endlessly. 


The indubitable benefits of the website builder Squarespace:

  1. It doesn’t have any artificial limitations, which are true for Wix, for instance, bandwidth & storage are unlimited; any number of pages of any website may be created; no ads are shown in any of its plans; a free custom domain is given; all templates are free; mobile optimization, SEO and SSL come as granted. 

  2. The beauty of templates and the power of received websites.

  3. Fabulous customer support, 10/10.


Undershoots of the website builder Squarespace:

  1. Really pricey, not cheap at all.

  2. The tangled visual interface of management of the website’s content.


The expenses for the website builder Squarespace:

12, 18, 26, and 40 American dollars a month is the money that you are offered to pay for its usage. But the prices are as low only when you pay for a year in a go. Paying for a month, you aren’t getting a free custom domain and must pay 25% more than the mentioned – 16, 26, 30, and 46 dollars a month. Even the initial plan makes this website builder out of the range of cheap ones, really.


As a conclusion

So what is the most inexpensive way to make a professional website? Now, it is simple to answer this after reading the article: by using cheap website development in one of the listed best cheap website builders above. Undoubtedly, the low cost of website designing is going to appeal to many users, which are rigidly limited in a budget. Also, an opportunity to do the low-cost website with own hands is another plus of online tools, which allow the cheapest way to make a website.

Not all pricing plans of cheapest website builders are equally good when we’re talking just about pricing and functions that the plan gives. Rather true than not that vividly good plan (even not the best one) is located in the high-priced part of a website builder’s subscription net. It’s a pity that these tools are made in a way to make people pay somewhat more than they initially thought they would – like 10%-50% bigger. It’s that when you discover a bunch of functions, which you need (or think you need) & then find out that they come not as low-priced as you expected. And at that point, you ponder whether you are going to pay more for cheap website’s subscription or you are going to sacrifice some functions to stay within your budget.

But, despite the named tricks and downsides, cheap website builders are gorgeous tools for people without experience and knowledge in making websites to start one on their own with such advantages:

  • tailored to their ideas and requirements

  • fast

  • in most cases, professionally, due to many great pre-made templates that any cheap website builder offers

  • for a low price and sometimes – for no cost at all.

The experience received in cheap website builders can be scaled and applied to other tools during the creation of other websites for own needs or for somebody else in the future. 

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