Best Website Builder For Small Business

For a small enterprise, hiring a designer to create a site can be quite expensive. Hence, site builder tools come in handy because they allow owners of small enterprises to make websites at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer.

That said, today’s market has tons of builders, with most of them provided or owned by renowned web hosting companies. Each maker is unique and promises distinctive functionality. Nonetheless, one question remains to be answered; what is the best website builder for small business? Now, to find an answer to this all-important query, we prepared a detailed review with such things such as flexibility, speed, testing capability, cost, and uptime taken into consideration.

Below you can find detailed information about the top 5 web makers in the market today that can help an entrepreneur to set up a professional business website fast and cheap. Go through the list below to find the best small business website builder for yourself.

Small Business Website Maker: What Features to Look For

Let us elaborate on the essential things to look out for to find the best website builder for small business:

  • Affordability: Given that it is a small venture, the owner needs a website builder that is affordable not only at the start but as the enterprise continues to grow. As such, it is best to always think about how your site will evolve with the growth of your enterprise. The best small business website builder is one that comes with plans that enable you to scale up whenever there is the need.
  • Usability: Small business owners need builders that are easy to learn and use. Apart from that, they need those with several templates for different situations. Basically, an excellent builder has a straightforward way of adding various site pages (about page, the home page, etc.), sophisticated features, for example, videos and image galleries, other site necessities such as membership features, blog, online store, reservation or booking system, and so forth.
  • Search engine friendliness: Small enterprise owners also require builders that are friendly for search engines to ensure that they appear in search results for various targeted keywords. This way, businesses can easily attract target consumers.

With that out of the way, here is a review of the top site makers for small businesses, with an emphasis put on photographers as an example.

Top 5 Site Creators for Photographers

Below we will compare the most popular site builders, namely Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, 1&1, GoDaddy, and how they can help you to build a remarkable site portfolio or any other type of website for a small business.

Wix: The Best Website Builder for Small Business

Wix is the best small business website builder because it is easy to use, powerful, and has excellent flexibility that allows you to create small business website. With this builder, you can set up a professional site and get online fast. If you want to build brand awareness and still maintain simplicity, Wix will come in handy since you can leverage its drag-and-drop editor to make a small business website without having any design skills.

With Wix, you have absolute freedom to make small business website with lots of customization options. It offers over 500 professional templates suitable for websites for photographers, makeup artists, old car collectors, and so forth.

Worth mentioning is that while Wix makes site creation quite straightforward, it still provides great functionality to online entrepreneurs. With it, you can do the following:

  • Add online booking and contact forms.
  • Track payments and create and send invoices.
  • Provide customized contact forms, surveys, and customized quizzes to enable you to get customer feedback.
  • Add video backgrounds to your website.

Recently, Wix added a new feature – the artificial design intelligence (ADI) builder that first asks the owner about your dream site and then generates a website based on the responses you provided. As such, your professional site can be created by responding to a simple questionnaire on the platform.

If you have coding knowledge, you can use Wix code to provide custom code to your site. Another thing worth mentioning is that Wix offers excellent customer support. You can quickly find out the answers to all your queries.

Other useful features are the Wix help center, Wix app store, and e-commerce tools.

Pros: The drag-and-drop editor on Wix allows you to create fantastic websites even if you do not have any coding skills. Apart from that, another advantage is that it is quite friendly, and many users recommend it.

Cons: One of the significant downsides to Wix is that you cannot change the templates once you have launched the site. Any redesigning should be made from the ground up. Another con is that there is too much customization required.  

Weebly: Website Creator for Businesses Looking for Simplicity

Weebly is the best website builder for small business and entrepreneurs that want a simple way to create websites with no fancy features. Making changes to content and images is easy, and you can have a well-functioning simple website in half a day. To put content to your site, use the drag-and-drop feature.

With the Weebly editing mode, you can view how your site will look like once it is completed. This way, you save a lot of time as you do not have to move between the preview and editing mode.

There are industry-specific pre-designed layouts that make it easy to start on website building. Apart from that, this platform has excellent video and audio ability that enable enterprise owners to input HD video on their sites.

Recently, the platform added some new features such as integration with G Suite for Business, blogging functionality, and an excellent tool for managing emails. Lastly, if you have HTML knowledge, you can use Weebly’s code editor to format the layout of website pages.

Pros: Weebly comes with tons of apps, meaning that you can create a site that can do anything you want. Apart from that, it has an excellent SEO functionality that allows users to create sites with the ability to rank at the top in search results.

Cons: One downside to this builder is that the template and theme options are limited. Wix only has 40 templates. Another problem is that Weebly offers only 500 MB of storage; thus, you can quickly run out of it if you want to host high-quality videos or images on your website. Last but not least, with the free plan, you will be limited to a subdomain. As such, the name of your site will appear as “” You have to upgrade to a paid plan to build a site with a more independent and personalized domain.

Squarespace: Best Business Website Builder for Great Templates

While from the first sight, Squarespace may not be as simple to use as others, this tool is worth noting because of the fantastic templates and excellent image quality it offers. It is great for businesses that utilize visuals heavily, for example, photographers or artistry enterprises.

Squarespace’s images allow customers to zoom in on products and view their information. As such, it is the perfect web maker if you want to advertise your products, for example, trainers. The quick view feature, on the other hand, enables visitors to read product details and add them to their shopping carts. It is particularly useful since it makes it easy for customers to shop.

About the templates, you are sure of accessing and using the quite professional ones. Moreover, this builder offers the greatest pool of templates compared to any other tool; thus, you can select the model that suits your enterprise from a wide range of templates. With the single scrolling pages, you can create a unique online store. Also, you can install several templates onto one site and work on many designs at once.

Apart from these, Squarespace comes with other functionalities that enable photographers and other small business owners to create blogs to amplify their websites. Other features include:

  • Diverse styling options: There is a wide choice of customization, enabling you to manage various fonts, colors, background images, and sidebar width. Apart from that, it is also easy to change your cover page templates whenever you feel that you need to revamp your site.  
  • Mobile-responsive templates: With Squarespace, content resizes automatically enabling your site to stay great on all devices.
  • Connect socially: Squarespace allows you to integrate your site with various social media platforms and even get information from other platforms to your page.
  • Excellent site control: This web maker allows you to add a mobile information bar and an announcement bar. The mobile information bar streamlines your web pages for users on mobile and shows them a shortcut menu with essential info like opening hours and contact details while the announcement bar is useful if you have a new product to showcase.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this tool:

Pros: Squarespace has fantastic templates that can give your site an advanced look. Apart from that, it allows you to integrate your site with social media ensuring you have an excellent online presence.

Cons: This professional website builder is costlier than others. Also, it is not as easy to use it compared to the others on the list.

1&1: Best Website Builder for Business with Professional Service

This tool caters to people in the professional services sector, such as photographers, consultants, accountants, and even lawyers. While it is not that attractive compared to other tools, 1&1 is an excellent choice for getting well-functioning site up and running it quickly.

1&1 is the right choice for small enterprise owners who do not care much about appearances and functionality. 1&1 is great for business and has many scalable tools. As such, it is an excellent choice for small enterprises that provides helpful tools such as local enterprise listings, accounting assistance, and so forth. With this tool, you can grow your site with your enterprise.

The template section is quite comprehensive. You will access tons of customizable designs in various industries, making it easy for you to get started fast. If you have some coding knowledge, you can try customizing your templates on your own.

The eCommerce feature on 1&1 is its strong suit. By integrating widgets with eCommerce functionality, it is easy to set up an online enterprise. Apart from that, this tool supports different languages. As such, it is excellent for small international companies and entrepreneurs working worldwide. To utilize this feature, toggle the multi-language function on.

1&1’s SEO tools are quite useful too. With this function, you can get your site to rank well for targeted searches on search engines such as Bing and Google. Every page you create on the platform has a settings field where you can optimize it.

This web maker comes with exceptional usability that enables you to create an enterprise with an excellent online presence. Also, you will have access to features that allow you to manage emails, a blog, and social media.

Pros: It has many features that enable you to create a professional site. Moreover, it boasts of cheap pricing at $1 each month for the first year of use.

Cons: Its templates are not the most attractive ones around. Apart from that, it does not offer many customizable options to create a stunning website.

GoDaddy: Best Website for Small Business to Get Live Fast

GoDaddy is amazing for creating a site for your small enterprise really quickly. This professional website builder is simple and easy-to-use, and what it lacks in style is adequately compensated with the convenience of use. It is the fastest platform for creating a site, making it ideal for those who are short on time.

It comes with an array of templates that can be automatically reformatted when you switch between them. This capability is what distinguishes this tool from the rest. This web makers drag-and-drop tool is well-structured and quite usable. If you want to customize your site, you can answer some questions and let the GoDaddy ADI develop a site based on your answers.  

Recently, GoDaddy revamped its management and eCommerce tools. Now, you can put up to 5,000 products on your inventory and take advantage of the built-in shipping methods. Apart from that, it supports an array of payment options, including PayPal and credit cards.

GoDaddy enables you to take care of web hosting, site creation, and domain registration in one place. Moreover, going online is incredibly easy, but not quite as on Squarespace and Wix.

Pros: It is the right choice if you want to get a well-working enterprise site fast. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive eCommerce feature that enables you to put up to 5,000 products on your site and adjust your payment options.

Cons: Compared to Squarespace and Wix, the customization options on GoDaddy are quite limited. Moreover, it is not the best for creating artistic enterprises.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Site Builders for Businesses

Do you have questions about any professional website builder for small enterprises? Here are elaborate answers to some of the most common questions you might have as you choose a tool for building a site for your small venture.

Which Is the Simplest Small Business Site Builder?

None of these builders are really technical in nature. Weebly is arguably the best builder to use if you are looking for an easy tool to create your site. Its simplicity is one of the main reasons it is so popular. The tool is easy to use, as well as powerful and fast.

While Weebly allows the use of HTML and CSS for greater control and flexibility, you can still stick to the easier option – the drag-and-drop editor. You can do everything using this editor on the user panel. Create forms, videos, images, and audio and add them to the site with just a few clicks. Weebly also saves users from worrying about hosting by offering cloud hosting and even generating a mobile-friendly version of your site automatically. Businesses can integrate payment methods easy, offer customers a fast checkout experience, and more functionality.

Wix is another popular option among users who have little to no experience in coding or website designing. Like Weebly, site customization can be done by simply dragging and dropping elements and templates. However, it features more than 500 templates, much more than Weebly. Wix simplifies not just the site-building process but also the payments, SEO, and scalability.

Which Is the Cheapest Small Business Website Builder?

There are numerous free and reasonably-priced website building tools available today. It all depends on the features you are looking for and the kind of venture you are doing. Wix is perhaps the cheapest website developing tool in the market today. There is a free plan (that includes Wix ads and logo) and several pricing plans. Pricing is categorized based on whether you want to build a stand-alone website or want to sell products and services. For a website, prices range from $4.5 to $24.5 a month. For business and eCommerce, the cheapest plan, which is the Business Basic, costs $17 a month. The most expensive, that includes a full eCommerce suite goes for $35 monthly.

However, there are other competitive options out there too. Besides the top 5 site building tools for photographers that we have mentioned, you can take a look at more options available in the market. uKit, for example, offers a basic plan for just $4 a month. To do eCommerce, however, you will need to upgrade to higher plans which go for $9.6 to $10. Ucraft is an affordable option if the site you are planning on building will support more than one language. Ideally, it is best first to consider what functionality and features you want on your site and compare prices for the different tools that offer what you want.

Which Small Business Website Builder Has the Best Templates?

Squarespace, a design-focused site, takes the cake here. It comes with tons of stunning templates – each with dozens of features you can customize. Wix is also great as it has a wider variety of templates you can pick from. Another great choice outside of this list is Shopify. Shopify is a top brand among the premium builders. It is exclusively meant for building eCommerce sites, but you still can use it for building a photographer portfolio or any other small business site. There are over 100 beautiful professional themes to choose from, and you can easily add a plugin or extension to boost your marketing. Each of these themes has settings that allow for hassle-free customization.

WordPress professional website builder is good if you want a variety of high-quality templates to choose from. This builder offers more than 1000 fully customizable templates which you can filter to see only those that are relevant to what you are building. Since this tool gives the user full control of the building process, you can personalize any template you choose as you like. However, it is a little bit more complex to use.

Which Small Business Website Builder Is Best on Mobile?

Most modern builders that are in the market today offer the option to optimize websites for mobile devices. However, you cannot assume that the specific tool you pick will actually have this feature. Make sure to check first. No builder shines above the rest here, but there is certainly a few that are excellent in mobile responsiveness. Wix is an excellent choice as it has a specialized mobile editor which allows you to edit the mobile version of your site. Squarespace comes with themes that look great on any device and are responsive on mobile.

BigCommerce is another good example of a site creator that has fully mobile responsive designs. So, whichever theme you choose in this tool, you can be sure it will work well on desktop and mobile.

How Long Will It Take Me to Build My Own Small Business Website?

Putting up a site online can take from a few hours to days. It all depends on what tool you use to build it and how well you know what you want to get. If you use any of the five intuitive builders reviewed here, you can get your website running and start selling your product and services in hours. A simple site maker doesn’t require users to have much coding skills. You will find pre-made templates, and then you have only to edit them to fit your site’s theme. Choose a builder and plan that offers a domain and hosting so that you can do everything in one place.


Whichever builder you choose from the ones mentioned, you will end up with the best website for small business without breaking the bank. They all are simple to use, affordable, and powerful. But, keep in mind that your choice should depend on your type of business, your needs and features you would like on your site. Most of these builders offer free trials. So, don’t be afraid to test them out first. Good luck!

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