Best Website Builder For Artists

Top 10 Best Website Builders for Artists


Having a personal website is surely a must-have for any creative spirit. The matter is that having a portfolio online often opens new horizons to the artists. First, you become more open to communication. Second, you can sell your pieces of art online. Third, you gain an opportunity to better understand your audience. Why do you need to build your own artist website? To become more famous, elevate your art to the higher levels, and get higher profits.


But, how to create an artist website? Is building an artist website easy? What are the best website platforms for artists? First of all, no worries. The process of creating an artist website is really simple and understandable. You don’t need to have any programming knowledge to launch your personal website. Most artist website builders have an intuitive interface and allow creating a perfect project in just a few hours. 


In this article, you will find a list of the best website builder for artists, explore the benefits and drawbacks of each solution, and discover the pricing policy of the most popular artist’s builders.


How to choose the best website builder for artists


There is nothing new that the best websites for artists always meet some basic requirements. To follow the modern tendencies in website design, it is better to pay attention to a few features any artist website builder should have:


  • Flexibility. All websites for artists should have not only a great design but also be responsive. This means the chosen builder should provide you with templates that will be perfectly displayed on the screen of any device, both desktop, and mobile. 

  • Ability to update. Adding new art pieces to the website, as well as updating it with no assistance is vital for any professional artist website. 

  • The stunning design of templates. The standard website of any creative person can easily leave the visitors disappointed. It is necessary to choose the website builder for artists that contains unique and common templates. 

  • Good customer support. Creative minds are usually complete beginners in coding. Therefore, you can easily require some pro help from the site’s experts. That is why the customer support of the website builder should be fast and comprehensive. 

  • Pricing plans. There are tons of various solutions that can build the artist website in minutes. However, all of them offer different pricing policies. Choose the artist’s site builder that fits your budget. 


Note: Some platforms offer a free trial period, so you can effortlessly try several builders before purchasing a certain plan. This is easy and absolutely risk-free. 


Choosing The Best Website Builder for Artist 


How to build an artist website with minimum efforts? That’s as easy as a piece of cake. Just choose the best free website builder for artists and start creating your personalized web pages in minutes. 




Wix is one of the leading builders for artist websites all over the world. The platform operates millions of sites in dozens of countries, providing one of the highest quality services on the market. 


What makes Wix special? First, it is a reliable builder with years of experience in the web development area. It can boast of having millions of satisfied clients who continue to use Wix for a long time. Second, it is famous for having an incredible number of creative and professional templates that are the basics of any artist website. Third, unlike most website builders, Wix offers almost complete freedom of customization (most its competitors have a grid-based editor that doesn’t allow placing the elements anywhere you would like to) Fourth, with Wix, you can create a stunning website in just a few hours - the program is user-friendly for beginner users.


Wix has a special Wix Art Store, where you will find plenty of additional plugins, widgets, and utilities for creative minds. With extra tools, you will be able to sell your pieces of art online and benefit from a top-notch e-commerce business - the platform has lots of functions and options for small businesses. 



  • Easy-to-use artist website builder

  • Allows creating free websites for artists

  • Lots of various templates for any taste

  • Mobile responsive design

  • Incredible freedom of customization

  • Tons of extra tools in Wix Artist Shop

  • Ability to sell online

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Simple drag-and-drop builder

  • Suitable for beginner users with no technical knowledge

  • Allows creating an artist site from scratch



  • You can’t switch to another theme after you’ve published your website

  • Lack of storage space for your website

  • Some features of the mobile app need to be improved 



Wix has an affordable pricing policy. The simplest plan that contains a domain, hosting, and the opportunity to use the builder will cost you only $14 per month. 



Squarespace is another common solution for creating amazing artist websites. The builder gained its world fame due to the top-notch and modern templates. The platform is focused on the design and advanced customization for crafting superb websites that are likely to amaze all the visitors. The platform is considered to be one of the perfect solutions for creative spirits since it allows crafting an amazing site within a limited time. 


Although the program has a little bit higher pricing for its services, it is surely worth trying. The truth is that it contains only professional templates, crafted by expert designers. Moreover, unlike its competitors, Squarespace has only mobile-responsive templates that are likely to suit the screen if any gadget. Your artist website will look perfectly on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. 


Squarespace is still great for newbies since it doesn’t require any coding. However, the builder is not so intuitive and comprehensive as Wix. It might require some time to learn how to use it. Still, most users find it really good and convenient. 


The program has a 2-weeks free trial period, so you can easily try various features and functions before making any purchases. You will be able to create a draft of your site and learn more about using the builder. 



  • Best templates available on the market

  • Professional design

  • Mobile-friendly themes

  • Best quality features for customization

  • Easy website editing

  • Understandable drag and drop builder

  • Allows selling digital products and pieces of art

  • A significant number of additional tools for managing the artist websites

  • Ability to change themes after publication

  • Access to source code 

  • Free domain and hosting are included in the pricing plan

  • Round the clock customer support

  • Free trial period



  • Less understandable than Wix

  • No Squarespace app store

  • More expensive than most of its analogs



The cheapest pricing plan will cost you $12. If you are looking for extra features, get ready to pay more. 



Weebly is a handy software, designed for creating artist websites with minimum efforts. The builder is considered to be one of the easiest programs for creating sites of any level of difficulty. If you have no idea about the web development process or lack of coding experience, this builder is likely to fit all your needs. 


The program has a simple and understandable drag and drop builder. To start creating your site, you will need to create a free account. After that, feel free to choose any of the stylish templates available in the program’s database. Customizing your site is also as easy, as 1-2-3. You will see a specially developed control panel, where all the elements and tools are available for your convenience. Just take the needed element and place it anywhere you need on your web page. With the right-click, you will get more advanced functions of each element.


Weebly is known for its powerful SEO tools. Not only you need to create and publish your site, but you will also require promoting your site. The builder has everything needed for effective promotion of your artist website.No SEO knowledge needed - just follow the builder’s instructions and enjoy creating an excellent website in a comfortable way. 



  • The best website templates for artists

  • Allows to create artist website easily

  • Understandable customization

  • Ability to change the template anytime

  • Ability to insert video or MP3 players

  • Easy blogging functions

  • Most understandable service on the market

  • Access to source code

  • Really cheap starting plan



  • Displays Weebly ads on the websites created with the help of the cheapest plans

  • Designs are not allowed to be created with pixel precision

  • No undo option



The cheapest Weebly’s plan is available for only $5 per month. To remove the builder’s ads, get ready to pay $8 monthly and above. 



Shopify continues to be a great program for those artists, who are planning to sell online and would like to establish a middle or large scale business. The builder allows creating a powerful e-commerce solution with an ability to sell dozens of products with the help of only one platform.


Shopify is an all-in-one solution for creating mind-blowing e-commerce sites for artists. It will surely meet all your ambitions; the program has more than enough to start selling the pieces of art online.


The builder allows accepting and managing orders and payments in a simple way. Moreover, adding new products or services to the platform is really easy, which is important for busy talented artists. With the help of the application, you will be able to manage and customize your artist website in just a few clicks - the program has advanced functionality for making the process as easy as possible. 


Shopify has a convenient 24/7 support. So, in case you suddenly have any issues with using the platform, don’t hesitate to contact the support team day and night. By the way, it works fast and will not make you wait for a few business days to get the answers to your questions. 


What differs Shopify from other similar artist builders is that it offers a multi-channel sales option. In other words, you can sell your pieces of art not only on your website but also on different social media, including Facebook and Instagram.



  • A brilliant solution for selling online

  • Understandable design

  • Ability to integrate with third-party apps

  • Supports different payment systems

  • Has lots of advanced functions for your site

  • Easy to use inventory system

  • Ability to update and maintain your site on the fly



  • Has a transaction fee for all the payments made with the help of the platform

  • Limited trial period

  • High pricing 



Shopify pricing plans are available for $29 to $299 per month. The higher the number of features you would like to have, the higher the price will be. 



Duda is a top-rated builder that will help you to make an artist website in no time. Duda is a perfect website creator for those who are a complete newbie in the website development and SEO. In case you can’t even imagine, how your website will look like, the platform will easily give you a helping hand to solve all the issues. 


What makes Duda stand out from the crowd of other artist website builders? The program is really inspiring. Don’t know, what elements to place on your website? What forms and utilities should it have? No worries. Duda is a smart solution that has a whopping number of various functions, options, plugins, and tools. Moreover, it is likely to offer exactly what you need. It has lots of pre-designed creative blocks, there is no need to worry about the process of web creation.


However, Duda has one drawback and it is its pricing policy. The matter is that the platform’s cheapest pricing plan is almost two times more expensive than Wix analogs. Moreover, Duda lacks SEO functions that are all available but not as powerful as in its major competitors. 


In case you require a handy automatic assistant for creating a website in the easiest possible way, Duda is the right choice. With the help of an online artist website builder, you will see lots of important tips and that will make your web development process significantly easier. 



  • Easy design 

  • Lots of handy prompts for creating a website with ease

  • Extended customization features

  • The comprehensive drag and drop builder

  • A significant number of templates

  • Ability to create a mobile-responsive web pages

  • Ability to purchase a domain and hosting along with using the builder

  • Good support 

  • Unlimited creativity for any artist

  • Suitable for complete beginners



  • More expensive than similar solutions

  • Not so powerful SEO utilities



The pricing plans for Duda start at $19 and can reach over $100.


Jimdo Creator

Jimdo Creator is another great option for those looking for creating a great artist website. The program allows adding different kinds of media to your website in just a couple of clicks that is surely important for most creative spirits, who would like to craft a portfolio site or a stunning gallery with lots of pieces of art. 


However, Jimdo creator might seem to be not the best solution for advanced customization. The creative control continues to be limited. However, in case you pick up a good template that perfectly fit your needs, you will not need to make too detailed customization. 


Jimdo pricing for removing its ads from the artist website is one of the lowest on the market. Therefore, you will get a unique and professional-looking website for less money. 


The builder offers unlimited storage space for Business plans and higher. That is why, the artists, who want to share their unique media files, for example, photographers or singers, can make an advantage from using a relatively cheap plan. Feel free to download various photos, pictures, audio files, and videos with no need to make any extra payments.  


Note: Jimdo has two products with similar titles. These are Jimdo Creator and Jimdo Dolphin. Jimdo Dolphin is a smart solution that can make a website for you automatically according to the data you provide in various social media channels. Jimdo Creator is a classical website builder with a standard drag and drop builder with extended customization functions. In this article, we are describing the Jimdo Creator. 



  • The best artist website builder for simple sites with a standard functionality

  • Cheap to make your site free of ads

  • Unlimited storage space for the business plans and higher

  • Free custom domain for 1 year for all plans

  • Ability to transfer the pre-purchased domain

  • Good SEO tools for getting higher rankings on Google

  • Great help and support

  • Free plan available



  • Doesn’t offer any out-of-the-box templates or tools

  • Some templates are looking pretty outdated

  • Lacks customization utilities

  • Limited e-commerce functionality


Price: Jimdo pricing plans start from $7.50 monthly. The most expansive plan is available for $40 per month. 




SmugMug is an artist web builder, designed mainly for photographers. The program contains various templates, themes, fonts, and elements that are likely to meet all your expectations. The templates’ responsive design will help you to display your website on different devices in a perfect way. 


The platform will suit not only beginner users but also those users, who have some experience in web development. SmugMug allows inserting your HTML or CSS code directly to your website to make it even more feature-rich and exclusive. Moreover, the platform successfully integrates with various third-party applications and websites, including social media channels. 


The program has a convenient privacy control function. You can keep your photos safe and secure, protecting your website with features for advanced privacy control and strong passwords. For example, you can make a portfolio of your works online and store some photos in your personal storage simultaneously. In case you need to share your storage with someone, you can send a personal invitation. 


The builder has lots of e-commerce tools for artist websites, too. You can freely add a shopping cart, integrate with various payment systems, and manage the orders in a handy way. SmugMug also allows putting watermarks, branding, logo, and print marks on your images in just a few clicks. 


Generally, the platform is likely to meet the needs of photographers, professional editors, memory makers, and enthusiasts. 



  • Ability to store photos in full resolution

  • Able to sync photos through Adobe Lightroom

  • Allows embedding photos on forums and blogs

  • Responsive design

  • Various e-commerce tools for selling photos online

  • Responsive design

  • Easy access to website code with an ability to edit and update it

  • Lots of advanced apps for photographers

  • 14 days free trial period

  • Good and pro support



  • Great for photographers only

  • Lacks tools for blogging

  • A limited number of templates

  • Limited flexibility

  • Lacks image galleries


Price: The plans are available for $6 - $42 per month. More feature-rich plans are more expensive at SmugMug. In case you purchase a subscription plan for over 1 year, you will get a pleasant discount.



Wordpress is a world-known builder that can boast of having one of the largest numbers of active users. However, is it good or bad for artists? Is it worth trying to making a portfolio website? Let’s get the answers!


Wordpress is a unique solution that will help you to craft a website of any difficulty. With a whopping number of various plugins, tools, and extensions, you can make your website shine from the others. The platform has a brilliant number of functions for unlimited customization.


However, WordPress might appear to be a little bit complicated for artists who have no technical background or coding experience. The matter is that the process of deep customization of WordPress-based sites still requires having some basic skills in programming or web development. In other words, you will need to install, update, and maintain the platform on your own. Moreover, the builder has no official support channels. Thatis why in case you suddenly face any difficulty, you will not be able to get a response from Wordpress professionals. However, you can search for the solution at hundreds of various blogs and forums. 


Unlike most builders, Wordpress doesn’t offer to purchase a domain and hosting before creating the artist's website. You will need to look for any third-party providers and then connect your domain with Wordpress manually. 



  • Professional builder with a large number of functions

  • Tons of plugins to suit even the most demanding users

  • Everything is completely customizable (no restrictions like in the other builders)

  • Great for blogging

  • Supports the e-commerce features



  • Requires having some coding knowledge

  • No official support

  • No option to buy a domain and hosting for your site via the platform


Price: WordPress has one of the most loyal pricing policies. The plans are available for $5-$15 per month. 



Pixpa is an excellent web builder and editor that is focused on creating websites for artists and other creative spirits. The program has lots of advanced functions to make your project portfolio-friendly and incredibly feature-rich. 


The builder has a wide variety of functions and options, including image compression, advanced photo galleries, the ability to add IPTC data, and e-commerce tools. The platform’s templates are simply excellent and allow customizing them in any way you want.. All the themes are mobile-friendly and will easily fit devices with different screen sizes. 


The drag-and-drop builder is not the most intuitive but still really simple and comprehensive. The program uses a classical technology of placing the elements directly to the web page according to your personal preferences. The program supports using Google Fonts that is another great benefit for making the customization even easier. 


Pixpa is a universal solution that enables its users to create a blog, a portfolio, an e-commerce store or any other type of artist website. It is also worth mentioning that the changes you make with the builder can be published in real-time, which is a super convenient way to update your project. Unlike Wix and some other builders, you can change the website theme anytime, not only before it goes live.



  • Fresh and responsive templates

  • Lots of customization utilities

  • Ability to extend the website footer

  • Supports Google Analytics tracking software

  • Ability to recover deleted items

  • Lots of third-party integrations

  • Customize site labels

  • Ability to create redirects

  • Extra security measures: protecting your website with a password

  • Hide home link from navigation feature

  • Blogging tools

  • E-commerce features for any need

  • Connect domain option

  • The free trial period for 15 days



  • Could have more templates

  • Lacks customization in some features


Price: Pixpa pricing plans are absolutely affordable. Creating and maintaining a simple website will cost you $6-$9 per month. 



Gator, also known as HostGator is one of the world-famous builders for creating stunning artist websites. The program covers a customizable domain and hosting that are automatically integrated with the website builder. Therefore, you should not worry about taking care of the back-end of your website - you will get an all in one solution with no need to code or set up your builder. 


The builder is really great because of its miraculously simple website editor that is surely one of the simplest among the platform’s competitors. This feature is highly appreciated by beginners, who don’t know how to start creating a website. Gator also has a simple and comprehensive integration with various social media platforms that is one of the greatest builder’s advantages. 


However, Gator is not likely to meet the needs of big websites since the pages might appear to have a low uploading speed. Nevertheless, the program is widely used for heavy sites since Gator offers unlimited storage space to all its clients. 



  • Really easy to use platform

  • The comprehensive main panel of elements

  • Ability to get a domain, hosting, and builder simultaneously

  • Doesn’t require any coding

  • Has a perfect social media integration

  • Unlimited storage space

  • Completely suitable for beginners 

  • SSL certificate for all the platform’s customers

  • A simple website analytics tools 

  • Cheap pricing plans



  • Not suitable for complex websites

  • Lacks some advanced customization tools

  • Limited support and help center


Price: Gator has one of the lowest prices for its services, compared to the competitors. The cheapest plan can be purchased for only $7.68 per month. The most pricey plan is available for only $18,45 per month. 


10 Best Website Builders for Artists: Summary

In this guide, we’ve unveiled the secret truth about the most popular website builders for artists. Generally, the most important thing any artist should begin with before crafting an online project is to identify the purposes. Why do you need a website? Are you planning to sell lots of pieces of art online? Need a portfolio website? What is your budget for creating an artist website? Providing the answers to these questions will make the process of choosing the right builder much easier. 


The truth is the different builders are focused on different goals. Some are perfect for portfolio or blogging, while others are great for e-commerce solutions. Moreover, some are simple and money-saving, while the others ar more pricey but really feature-rich. 

The 10 best website builders for artists are:

  • Wix – offers the best number of features for reasonable money

  • Weebly – Best for startups, portfolios and new businesses

  • Squarespace – Best design

  • Gator – Best for bloggers

  • Duda – Best assistance in online web development

  • Jimdo Creator – Best for small and simple websites

  • SmugMug and Pixpa – Best for photographers

  • Shopify – Best for online stores and e-commerce projects

  • Wordpress – Best features for adding your own code 


Don’t forget that almost each artist website builder has a free plan or a free trial period for your convenience. Avoid purchasing any premium functions or packages (no matter how attractive they look like) before trying to use the chosen builder for free. 


The truth is that using a trial period for creating your site allows you to play with the program’s functionality, build the draft of your website, and discover how easy the platform is. In case it takes you too long to learn how to use a certain builder or you find it to be too complicated, don’t hesitate to switch to its alternatives. Learning the basics of web development with the builder’s assistance should not take you hours. 

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