Best Free Website Builders for Small Business

Anybody who holds a company, a small enterprise or a hobby, demands a webpage. Applying to web developers may be costly for small business owners. Accordingly, free websites for small business are essential. Pricing aspect is vital for business proprietors, thuswise it should be considered. They require cost-effective website builders with a relevant operating system that will help their businesses extent. As long as everybody is online nowadays, Internet attendance is a must for each businessperson. Depending on what a free business website builder, a customer will demand will much affect what it will cost him and what time the site building will require.

There are multiple aspects to examine when choosing a website builder, so let’s review the most appropriate ones for small business keepers: 

  • Webnode

  • Wix

  • Weebly

  • Ucraft

  • Webstarts


  1. Webnode


It’s a universal website builder adapted to the European segment. The platform has improved its version, as well as changed the editor. New editions include multiple attractive templates and an advanced shopping cart. The platform provides customers with fifteen days trial so that they can make sure if the site builder suits them.


  • The domain is free of charge for some Webnode’s packages (e.g., Mini and Higher) for a year; 

  • A few tiers allow free of charge personalized email details;

  • Webnode’s main uniqueness - is in multilingualism. Webnode supports twenty dialects;

  • The platform is well adapted for SEO optimization;

  • The designs are mobile-friendly;

  • Using the dragging features a consumer may add on new categories like a rate card or the content components;

  • Each package offers an SSL certificate;

  • The platform has an integrated electronic commerce clarification.


  • Users can’t modify Webnode’s HTML coding or CSS;

  • Consumers may misplace the content by adjusting a new layout;

  • To make your resource free of advertisements, you’ll be compelled to purchasing the paid tariff plan;

  • Some set of elements as public likes and the search line are missing;

  • Webnode doesn’t have an app, so the website can’t be run on a smartphone at any time;

  • The blog section is poorly optimized. The commenting option is missing;

  • Webnode receives only a one-time annual fee. 


To conclude, Webnode is an excellent solution for business owners as its features are plentiful. Though the SEO functions have a few weaknesses (e.g., headings design), Webnode admits perks to advance custom and business sites, as well as online stores. 


2. Ucraft 


It’s a site builder intended to develop enterprise resources for newbies as well as for professionals. Ucraft offers to make yielding sites by using well-known templates full image blocks. You can test a 14-days trial working with Ucraft features thoroughly and decide whether the system is worth purchasing any of its tariff plans. Though customers can apply to the platform for building a free website; there are some limitations for the free package. Regardless whether you have ever made a website or not, you will learn Ucraft effortlessly. 



  • Design is adjustable. Each user can reorganize blocks, subjoin new sections, and obtain a custom design;

  • High standard and contrasting layouts;

  • Straightforward and impressive theme personalizing instruments; 

  • Powerful SEO instruments accessible for any part and website as a whole; 

  • The handy instrument panel with the attractive interface; 

  • Wide range of adaptive widgets. The elements are intended for numerous aims; 

  • The label drafter. You can import the logo to the platform and edit it using multiple parameters. It’s free of charge, and there are particular step-by-step guidelines on the emblem making; 

  • Available instructions. There’s the Knowledge Base part that will help to get thorough information like tips and tutorials;

  • Ucraft Articles App is a great option both for entrepreneurs and e-commerce sites masters. Moreover, the Ucraft member can integrate his blog with the mass media accounts and encourage the readers to share his content on the social web;

  • Qualitative users assistance. A user can access support any time using live chat. Furthermore, he will get a reply in the briefest time. 



  • The restricted amount of layouts;

  • You have to get a paid plan for the e-commerce extension. So if your business is based on online shopping, that might hit you on budget; 

  • Not befitting for medium-sized and big companies. It might be a drawback for entrepreneurs who aim to build a volumized website fulfilled with information;

  • Ucraft doesn’t have the backup option.

Ucraft is a once-off charge, and it’s well deserving this. Any customer can design the landing page or the entire website using this platform. Moreover, it’s an excellent option for small firms’ masters who aim to spend lesser time on launching the selling platform. Ucraft is a good prerogative owing to the extent of its positive features. It offers all the things a user considers when building his business web page. Referring to multiple customers’ reviews on the Web, Ucraft is deemed to be the best free website builder for small business. 


3. Wix 


It’s the most spread and well-known site builder. Wix offers multiple perks which fulfill the necessities and requests of humans from any industries. Every single Wix’s feature and the instrument is enterprise-oriented. The platform has become notorious by the funds-smashing promotion campaigns. Wix admits a straightforward drag-and-drop system that is meant for creating small business website. Moreover, the Wix customers obtain the hosting options as well as custom domains. Catching templates are aimed for small businesses, and they are mobile-friendly. 



  • Wix feels instinctual to work with. Making a new website using this platform takes a minimum of time;

  • Design features. Though there are hundreds of themes offering the platform, its layouts don’t seem to surrender their efficiency for amount;

  • Adjusting capabilities. A better part of compounds at each page is well modifying. As long as there’s a capacity to drag-and-drop compounds, a customer can customize his free business website totally to his preferences;

  • Wix is a well-distinguished and substantial platform on marketspace that welcomes millions of customers globally; 

  • Low-cost alternative considering Internet shops. The package offers anything at all, starting from simple commodities and ending with appointments for special occasions;

  • Highly qualitative operating system. Firstly, electronic shopping functions maintain numerous ways to pay. Secondly, the platform comprises an adaptive music box and broadcasts import. Lastly, a user can even order food using the appropriate Wix tools;

  • The long-period prices reduction. The longest a customer pays upfront, the more he acquires as a result. Customers can save loads of money by purchasing several years packages at once.


  • The primary Wix structure can’t be modified; 

  • The platform is obtainable at no cost, yet, in case a customer requires expert features (e.g., e-commerce), he’s induced to get a premium package; 

  • SEO optimization is one of the principal aspects for all customers. Performing the SEO approach for Wix site is hopeless. The website made on Wix is agreeable for search procedures. That is a flaw for a free website builder for small business; 

  • The website possession is vital, considering each business website builder. The free business website is of the same significance for the owner as to any other enterprise asset. In its turn, Wix claims that it doesn’t pretend any rights over the customers’ submissions; 

  • None of the templates has a responsive design. A customer should first indicate that he aims to create a mobile site and join the different editor afterward. 


In spite of the fact, that Wix is so beneficial, it’s also speedy and trusty. The additional functions point that users may create the websites whatever their intention will be - from a custom site to improved e-business platform. The available packages are an excellent option for a blog-based resource. This free website creator for small business is exploited by millions of business people daily. 

4. Webstarts 


Similar to numerous free website maker for small business, Webstarts works complimentary. Though the initial rate tariff plan is restricted, it appears to be free of charge. Moreover, it contains a multilevel calendar of extra packages admitting more allowances as well as options. The primary variances amid the plans are the hosting and memory issues. Webstarts is an excellent option both for technical experts and learners. This platform assists customers with making an entirely operating resource using dragging options without ever adopting the coding. One of the nice aspects of Webstarts that can’t be neglected is the facility of launching a website here. The users should pay attention to possible obstacles in usability. Although WebStarts provides users with useful starting instruments, it can be a time-consuming platform to use if you are working with it for the first time.



  • New contemporary design. The ecustomers can work with hundreds of submitted layouts. They can adjust the templates by transfiguring and rearranging the items on their webpages; 

  • The platform simplifies enabling both a blog and a chat on the user’s resource. So that the clients can reach them via the live chat, as well as blogging can help to raise the website’s positions on the Internet because the search engine is continually 

looking out for fresh content over the obsolete one; 

  • In case a customer is concerned about creating an e-commerce store beside his primary site, Webstarts’ instruments afford selling goods, as well as instantly receive bank cards using the fee;

  • Once a user has set up the domain name, his website will start operating inevitably. The platform will inform the search engine concerning the user’s fresh site launching, and it will get indexed afterward;

  • The free of charge plan affords to make a completely functional site including an unlimited amount of webpages and up to 1 Gb of virtual memory.


  • A user won’t be provided with a custom domain name at low-cost tariff pans. Though if he aims to strengthen his brand’s name, the appropriate domain is essential for him;

  • The free-of-charge initial package appears to contain Webstarts ads. That is not beneficial for the customer’s company website to perform the ads he can’t even control;

  • It’s not fitting for building complicated fully featured resources; 

  • The users who pick the premium packages acquire multiple perks. However, they are compelled to apply to the most costly $19.99 per month package;

  • Despite the fact that the platform discloses its costs in one-month conditions, a customer should make a one-time annual payment when entering the platform. As long as some humans may be on a tight budget, this drawback is what they should consider before purchasing a package. 

Webstarts is a powerful instrument. It’s straightforward to work with, as well as quite economical and has decent functions. Unluckily, the platform hasn’t been up there alongside the leading free websites for small business. The electronic commerce, blogosphere, and search engine optimization options are restricted. 

5. Weebly

It’s a platform for entrepreneurs who are not tech-savvy. It’s considered to be the most straightforward site builder. Despite multiple platform advancements, Weebly has remained evident in use. Holding the interface simple and welcoming is how the customer makes his webpage with numerous options that aren’t overwhelming for the clients.


- Weebly has the best electronic commerce features among the competitors;
- The platform affords an efficient Applications Center which provides customers with new functions like dialect interpretation, costly subscribing, and active boards;
- Free of charge account in addition to SSL encryption for the premium package;
- Dragging features are accessible to master and work while Weebly is continually increasing its customizing options;
- The platform approves multiple payments entries like PayPal, Stripe, Square, and some others;
- Weebly has an excellent customer support service. It performs plentiful guidelines and tutorials to make customers figure out how the website works. Furthermore, anyone can get them on the phone.


- The choice of layouts (up to 80), as well as applications, is smaller in comparison to competitors;
- In case a user requires some advanced features, he has to purchase any of costly tariff plans;
- The platform is restrained in layouts adjusting;
- Blogging features are restricted. Although the platform offers a blogging instrument, it is difficult to adapt. Users should possess technical skills and be aware of coding to customize the templates;
- Premium packages are expensive;
- Weebly is a low-yield website builder.

Weebly provides small businesses with appropriate instruments to swiftly create a new site with no skills in the technical landscape. The platform admits hundreds of customizing layouts together with the advanced editor. Moreover, Weebly’s four packages propose people in business the instruments to improve their attendance on the Internet as long as their enterprise rises. In case the user’s brand is limited in time, yet it requires an accessible option to build a commercial site, Weebly affords a fully functional enterprise website, custom domain and effortless site builder to work with beginning from $11 per one month. 

Any of multiple site builders for small businesses that you have read about offer individual options. These platforms are created to be beneficial by specific means. Despite what a consumer picks, he has to make sure that his choice matches his requirements. He’ll be astounded at ultimate outcome once it’s set up correctly. You can choose any of the listed site builders and get the cross-functional e-commerce resource.

Undoubtedly, whatever is the greatest in life, comes up at no cost, but in general, it concerns only intangible assets. Notwithstanding, hosting a site takes the supplier’s money. They should cover the expenses for operating the servers, as well as marketing issues and continuous developing. The free plans are sponsored by customers who have purchased the premium packages. 

In case you aim to create a free site, the most excellent option to do that rapidly and without charge - is to apply to the website builders services. They offer a wide range of options necessary for running a worthy website. Furthermore, you’ll get the detailed guide on how to make it step-by-step without hiring a web developer and spend a lot of money on it.

Obviously, it’s uneasy to operate any commercial activity in a rapidly developing life. Your site has to be in top positions in the search engine. To fill the resource with stimulating, up-to-date and helpful content, consumers usually apply to the CMS proposals. By turning to WordPress, you have a high probability of being highly placed in search results, although you’re a newcomer in the websites’ subject. 
To conclude, both Wix and Webnode are the best free website builders in our opinion. Webnode offers unassuming ads and provides the customers with a straightforward product, as well as a wide range of adaptive layouts. The vast privilege of Wix - is in multiple features, most of which are accessible at no cost. We think it’s the most long term option if you have ever been concerned about the premium upgrade. 


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