About Web Builders' Codex

Web Builders' Codex (which we shorten to WBC) is a website that provides help to anyone who wants to make a website – or wants to improve their website-making skills.

WBC is a teacher and a guide.

This website is a collection of knowledge and experience about making websites. It’s here to help you plan, design, develop, improve and optimise websites you build. Web Builders’ Codex is a place to learn about popular topics and discussions related to building websites, as well as a guide to the most useful websites, articles and media. It’s for anyone anywhere who wants to make a website – from beginners to experts.

Not just good info – the right info.

WBC will not attempt to be a substitute for any other website that is mentioned, but is rather a place to gather information on other great resources we should visit and learn from.

WBC strives to follow and uphold web standards and best-practices, so that our work can be easily maintained and improved in future.

WBC helps you consider all relevant options and alternatives (not simply the most popular options) for every choice that a web builder may make.

WBC strives for constant improvement of our web projects - because websites are never finished or perfect.

WBC only recommends tools and resources when they're the most useful to you; we won't give you long lists of links without explanation of why they're useful and why you should care.

Built with love

WBC was imagined, designed and developed by Dane Rossenrode, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, aspiring designer, and website developer from the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. Dane is also the founder and a partner of Touchdreams, a communication design agency that makes, among other things, wonderful websites. You can find out more about him or Touchdreams on social media.

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